Christian prison chaplain 'forced to resign' for condemning homosexuality

What do you think about this?

"Christian preacher says he felt forced to resign after Bible verses he quoted during a chapel service provoked an aggressive response from prison authorities. ...

Whilst leading worship at a chapel service in May 2014, Barry spoke about the wonder of God's forgiveness for those who repent, quoting 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 from memory. The verses mention a number of sins including adultery, homosexual practice, greed and drunkenness.

Four days after the service, a complaint was made. Barry was immediately barred from helping wtth chapel services. Barry was later told that his comments during the service were "homophobic" and breached national prison policy. He was notified that there would be a disciplinary hearing.

In August, Barry was signed off work with stress-related illness.

... Commenting on Barry's case, Andrea Williams said:

"It is astonishing that Barry was forced out of a sex offenders' prison for repeating what the Bible says about sexual behaviour – during a chapel service – as he spoke about repentance and forgiveness."

I'm not being vindictive when I say that he seems like an awful creep.  I hate his horrible smug face. 

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Thank you. That's more like it, lol....thought that's how you felt, lol

Moral compasses:  this is our moral compass.  Homosexuality, in itself, does not cause harm.  The only time it uniquely results in harm is when people like Barry "Punch Me" Trayhorn weigh in with their spiteful, anti-social opinions. 

Child abuse and rape are all known to cause immense, unnecessary harm, and are the result of people selfishly following their own desires, and either thoughtless or intentional cruelty.  This is what we mean by "wrong". 

So Barry "Kick Me Down The Stairs" Trayhorn really doesn't know what he's talking about. 

Without even reading the article...

Christian prison chaplain

Much like school chaplains here in Australia... shouldn't exist in state funded facilities. I'm not saying the prisoners can't be religious, or that they shouldn't have access to regular worship activities of their choosing. I'm just saying the prison (or school) shouldn't be spending tax money on employing someone specifically as a chaplain.

It does provide a perfect example of why separation of church and state is important... imaging you are a catholic prisoner, fairly mild beliefs, but then the only sunday service you are able to access is by a pastor from the westboro baptist church and the prison won't even consider letting in services from outside because "they already have a chaplain".

'forced to resign' for condemning homosexuality

Well really. what did they expect from him? Sunshine and rainbows?


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