Christian prison chaplain 'forced to resign' for condemning homosexuality

What do you think about this?

"Christian preacher says he felt forced to resign after Bible verses he quoted during a chapel service provoked an aggressive response from prison authorities. ...

Whilst leading worship at a chapel service in May 2014, Barry spoke about the wonder of God's forgiveness for those who repent, quoting 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 from memory. The verses mention a number of sins including adultery, homosexual practice, greed and drunkenness.

Four days after the service, a complaint was made. Barry was immediately barred from helping wtth chapel services. Barry was later told that his comments during the service were "homophobic" and breached national prison policy. He was notified that there would be a disciplinary hearing.

In August, Barry was signed off work with stress-related illness.

... Commenting on Barry's case, Andrea Williams said:

"It is astonishing that Barry was forced out of a sex offenders' prison for repeating what the Bible says about sexual behaviour – during a chapel service – as he spoke about repentance and forgiveness."

I'm not being vindictive when I say that he seems like an awful creep.  I hate his horrible smug face. 

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If the religious services are provided free (by the churches) and if there were competition among services (various religious leaders to which the prison population could serve) including non-religious ones and ideological meetings then we have nothing to say about the content of their service. They can fag-bash all they like (minus inciting crime).

If they are paid by the government and/or have a monopoly over church services...then of course fire his ignorant ass.

He apparently works as a gardener for the prison (?).   The church service he was providing as a volunteer outside of his work hours.

If they in fact fired him for that he's got a very good cause of action against the state.

Hard to tell anything though from the link @Simon posted, though, which is some sort of advocacy site.

I hope he creams the government. There should be more faggot bashing inside the Christian faith...especially in prisons where homosexuals outside of the closet are already treated so nicely by stronger Christian prisoners.

I wonder why this devout Christian volunteer didn't read the passages telling men to keep their woman's mouths shut, how justifiable slavery was and a pity it ended and the proper way to viciously discipline their children for minor transgressions (NT shit...not the OT). Maybe that's because Christianity decided to follow the lessons that secular society fought for decades ago...and all they have left is to pick on easy targets. Perhaps.

More religion inspired hate...less government oppression! HURRAH!

More religion inspired hate...less government oppression! HURRAH!

More religion inspired hate...less government oppression! HURRAH!

In the end he was given a "final written warning", which I think is fair. 

What I really object to is that he's a liar and a hypocrite. 

He's complaining that he's been persecuted for reading from the Bible, when, no, he's been persecuted (possibly) for condemning gay people as sinners who need to seek repentence.  If he wanted to quote a Bible verse about repentence and forgiveness, I am sure there are plenty of good ones from the [non-homophobic, free-thinking, radically compassionate] New Testament. 

He and Andrea Williams are frankly implying that homosexuals are sex criminals, but they don't have the balls to come straight out and say it. 

This episode confirms the prejudice that we have in the UK towards religious people - we tend to distrust them mightily, because of behaviour like this.  We suspect that they enjoy causing harm under the cover of holiness and doing God's work.  The popular culture is full of examples of frightening religious hypocrites.  We tolerate them with good humour and patiently tidy up after them when they are morally incontinent. 

All this is rather a shame because I've met quite a few very nice, true Christians in real life. 

He is guilty of breaching the Bureau of Prison Anti Discrimination policy (Section 3713.25 to be exact) And I am thrilled to see the prisoner's rights being protected and that staff in the prison is taking it seriously.

I find it incredibly sad how the church treats the LGTBQ community.

A group member of my project team recently turned me on to Chris Crocker. I Hadn't been aware of him before, but he's SO funny!!!

Sadly he was cyber-bullied so badly he cancelled his You Tube channel. It's because of asshole priests like him that people think they have the right to be fucking assholes to anyone who isn't straight.

I don't know if the link will work, but here's one of his videos. The first time I saw it I was laughing my ass off, LOL!!!!

Oh I don't know Belle...the LBTBQ debate is a conceptual dialogue between differing opinions...each side searching for their own touchstone of community values and principles which inform their own sense of morality.

When a Christian leader screams out's not actually's simply a point of view which reflects the duality of religious and secular inspiration. When a Christian beats a faggot to near death inspired by quotes in the's not's a differing point of view which expresses the deeper values which comes from community reflection and more moral compasses. After all what is the world but an ocean of distinct moral compasses? A tower of moral compasses which reach miles high...showing its immense diversity and inspired views.

"You leave in the morning
With everything you own in a little black case"

I'm not the only person here who enjoys your succinctness, Robert :)

Alone on a platform, the wind and the rain. On a sad and lonely face.

RE: When a Christian leader screams out's not actually's simply a point of view which reflects the duality of religious and secular inspiration. When a Christian beats a faggot to near death inspired by quotes in the's not's a differing point of view which expresses the deeper values which comes from community reflection and more moral compasses.

Please forgive me Davis, but I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or serious by that comment.....

With that disclaimer, I hope you won't mind me saying that it absolutely IS violence and Has no place in modern society wHatsoever... under any circumstances.

Your sweet heart never fails to touch me Belle :)

Indeed it's violence. It's violence of the worst kind and totally ass what your religious delusion is or warped ideology. I count myself uber-extremely lucky to have avoided it. I mourn for American homosexuals living in religious areas of the United States being bullied the fuck out of, punched, hurt, insulted, spat upon, demeaned, terrified, confused and destroyed by "an expression of deeper values and moral compasses reflecting community touchstones". It is nauseating when someone instead of calling out how horrible it is...defends this sort of utter inhumanity through meaningless watery pissy adjectives.


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