I kept thinking how to make a title that stood out, hence I did the dots.

Hey I'm Israel

I'm somewhat new. Actually, I'm re-introducing myself. I haven't posted much in 2 years and I'm back. 

Things I like:

God, philosophy, family and friends, video games, internetz, and basketball.

I'm more on the introverted side and I'm here for social reasons.

Tthanks for reading. =]

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Evolution is a Fact, not a concept.

Whether its a fact or not. Evolution is definitely a concept. You can read about it, think about it... definitely a concept.

A concept is an abstraction or notion that is formed in the mind. It is a mental representation of a thought process that remains subjective to the persons thinking about it. It can be discussed philosophically but it still remains a concept. However Evolution - that is the Theory of Evolution is a Fact. When Darwin initially conceived of it in his mind it was a concept. It became a fact because it no longer remain a subjective idea. It has been proven 100% with objective evidence. Evolution has not been a concept for well over a century.

Africa is not a concept. The concept of Africa is a concept. Evolution is not a concept but the concept of Evolution is a concept. God is not a concept. The concept of God is a concept.

Evolution can be both.

You understood me in one of your last sentences when you said, "the concept of Evolution is a concept."

Do you "believe" in evolution? Why or why not? Do you even know what evolution really is? What have you read about evolution?

No, because I don't know enough about it and some doubts about what I do know. As far as I know evolution is about how organism can change/adapt over-time by natural selection and genetic mutations. These can be small changes, micro-evolution, or great changes, macro-evolution. I'm sure there's more, if I remember correctly, there's a psychological aspect to it too. I've read that much about it.

Well you are right. Evolution is complex. This video explains it in a nice and easy to understand way.


The reason it is so important to understand is that once you see even a little bit of how evolution works, you will see very fast that it stands in stark contrast to the creation story told in the Bible.

Would you be willing to watch that video and tell me what your thought are about it? I genuinely am interested to know what you think :)

Incorrect Israel,

You specifically said “Evolution is definitely a concept”. What I said is not in agreement with you.

Evolution is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of education or learning. It is one of understanding. It does not make it untrue if you (or anyone) does not understand it. If you did understand it you would know that the Genesis story was a myth (which it is). All humans are evolved creatures and all life on Earth is related to all other life.

Atheist culture? The ONLY commonality of atheists is our rejection of the belief in supernatural beings. There are rich atheists, poor atheists, conservative atheists, liberal atheists, etc. Having one common mode of thought does not constitute a culture.  

I'm like you, Ed.  The idea of an "atheist culture" doesn't exist within atheism as far as I know.  I had to research it. There's http://www.atheistculture.com/ if you care to visit it.  No members, no posts in their forum, no activity since January except for one person in September who left a message asking if anyone was there... no reply.

Someone asked in Yahoo Answers about the oldest atheist culture and got some replies that hardly qualify as answers to the question. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100422203749AAHg3rj

I suspect Israel has been indoctrinated into believing there's actually a thing called "atheist culture" by people who create enemies out of thin air and rhetoric.... Like the concept of a gay adenda which doesn't exist except in the rhetoric of people  who make a living off misrepresenting causes of gay people.  Go ahead and google "gay agenda" and see all the top sites about it are all about christianity's propaganda rather than equality for gays under the same laws as everyone else.

I carry a simple creed in dealing with religious people and other ideologues. "people should be able to defend what they say and believe or they will begin to say and believe things that are indefensible."  

As an example --- in another forum a christian posted a map of the world with colored dots in christian minority nations that designated the deaths of christians killed every 11 minutes -- making them the most persecuted religion on earth.  

It took less than 3 minutes to find out there are 155000 murders worldwide every 24 hours, 33% of the world is christian = approx. 51000 christians are murdered everyday in christian nations presumably by christians. With 86400 seconds in a day that comes up to FIVE christians murdered by christians every THREE seconds.  The myth of the BS he was spreading became a joke....  but I would have been glad to hear him try to defend it before he disappeared.

It's always a good idea to be able to defend what you say and believe in order to yourself and others that the things you say and believe aren't indefensible.

Breaking news about saying things that are indefensible :  Pat Robertson has said AIDS can be transmitted by sharing towels.  Google it.

Hi Israel, with atheism there is no 'culture' to speak of. We are a diverse lot, the only thing we all have in common is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. Aside from that we may have our own beliefs, moral codes and ethical principals. 

Also as others have pointed out - evolution isn't an atheist concept. It is a scientific theory, and is broadly accepted across many religions, spiritual beliefs etc, and not singularly limited to atheism. In fact I read an article yesterday where Pope Francis acknowledged that the Big Bang and evolution are real (although he still ties in the idea of creation into it).

Hi Israel, I joined TA 2 years ago as a Christian too. I hope that you will engage and not shy away from the tough questions. Welcome back!


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