Looking through facebook I found this comment about me:


i know this person that doesn't talk to me anymore and she is an atheist and im trying to talk to her about god but she beileve that their isn't a god . but im tryin my best to get her to beilve so i would appreciate the prayers as i talk to this person and that she would be able to have an relationship with him and be able to walk in the light.


This comment made me feel a bit ill.Never before have I ever felt pitied (I think that feeling ill and feeling pitied is a bit strong but I can't think of better words to describe how I feel).I don't think I need to have a "relationship with Jesus/god" to feel or be good,happy etc. and I don't want anyone praying for me as it feels very weird.On Monday when I see this person I am going to ask her to stop praying for me as I don't need a "relationship" with "Jesus/god" to be happy and it is disrespectful of her to think so (Again,I think I'm going too far with disrespectful).As ususal I would like some help with this.


After the comment I kept looking around facebook and found another comment about me (Somebody else wrote it.Only two sentences are worth mentioning):


she basically believes n da devil but not god.Der is something seriously wrong wiv the child.


How can I explain properly to this person that I don't believe in the devil?I know,I'm stupid for asking this question.


Thanks in advance.

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I would not say it is disrespectful but I have had a 'friend' do the same for me.  She said she was friends with me because she felt sorry for me and it was her 'mission' to help me see the light.  She actually said those words to my face during a dinner once.  Now to say I was disgusted is an understatement.  I literally couldn't eat another bite of food.  I never wanted to see this person again and I have not since then.  I drove her home and didn't speak a word to her.  She said goodnight and I just remained silent.  So she started crying and I told her to get out of the car and never to speak to me again.  So I'm not sure if you felt 'that' disgusted but I sure did.  


Anyway - You're not stupid for asking the question - My advice is just to ask them where in the bible does it suggest a 'devil' and what does this 'devil' do?  Have them actually give you passages from the bible that prove there is a Devil.  The only allusions I know about are in Genesis with the serpent which I don't believe is described as a devil or satan or Lucifer ... it's just a silly talking serpent.  The second is in the book of Job , where Satan (Lucifer I believe) is tempting Job but only because God makes a direct deal with Satan to allow the murdering of the livestock and family and later the boils ... And also in Revelation where 'the beast' is referenced.  


These three instances are traditionally thought to all be the same person .... The 'Devil'.  But this has been debunked by many Christians for a long time.  Although the Catholic church still has an official exorcist for 'demon possessed' people and they also blamed the sex scandals on the Devil who supposedly infiltrated the Church and coerced the Priests to perform the horrific sexual acts.  There is nothing in the bible to suggest the serpent , the fallen angel Lucifer and the Beast have any direct connection other than being mythological representations of three different persons.  New testament scholars have shown there is nothing to suggest any sort of coherent definition or attributes to a character named 'The Devil'.  


I would read this article.  Send it to your friend as well.  




Good Luck and sorry if I gave you any incorrect information.  =)


Satan also means adversary 

It's pretty insulting, and I would talk to them about it.
Of course I've had plenty of people pray for me about the issue, and they are free to do so.
I don't find it offensive, I find it silly.
But as long as they don't insist on proselytizing, I don't really care what they pray for.

It is a horrible feeling, one boy in my year showed me his bible. In the back was his prayer list. It had his family, me, one of my friends (we are both non-religious) and our chemistry teacher. When i asked why we were in there he said "I like you so i am praying for your souls, because right now you will go to hell. I'm praying you will find the light" Now i don't know if that was meant to be a compliment but it just made me so angry. And what about everyone else in my class, or school who aren't religious? He doesn't care about them, he can't pray for everybody?

He never works hard, never does homework, never revises and eats alot of absolute junk. And he's praying for me!? Sorry - just say i don't believe in god or heaven, so i don't believe in the devil or hell. We are accountable for our own actions within this lifetime. Not anytime after it.

I am 49 years old woman and a Special Education teacher for 8th graders with learning disabilities, so I have had alot of experience in dealing with all sorts of people every minute of my workday, and it can be difficult most of the time. Small minded women love to talk, especially to gossip, and sometimes about me, so you can ignore it and not add fuel to the fire because that is what they want, to engage so there will be some communication and the person can "save" you (never quite sure what from, but whatever) and then talk about you some more. The other option is to do what you said is to confront this person that is praying for you and ask her to stop, however, this will give her a window for conversation. If you ignore her, then she will not have an audience and will go away eventually. Anyways, she is not a friend of yours anymore, so why care. As for the other person, you actually have to believe in god to believe in the devil. She also needs spell check, so that actually shows she is not to bright, so I would disregard this one also. Anyone that is important in your life knows you and knows your belief system, and hopefully has a healthy respect for you as you do for them. It takes a strong person to hold their own in a country full of followers and be o.k. with it. That's my advice.
I'm sure you've figured it out, but just to be clear, religion allows people who are not very intelligent to feel superior to those around them.  You've given two perfect examples of this.  (I'm not saying all religious people are unintelligent, but clearly many who are use religion as a way to look down on others, which I think would negate any 'grace' that they feel has been imparted to them.)

Hi Natasha –There are a lot of new cults in Ireland recently and when I hear terms like “walk in the light” I know that person has probably been raised by extremists. You have to understand that these people are deluded. They won’t be able to see that themselves and there is little point in saying that to them.

Don’t get too upset about it or let them know it bothers you. When you see them on Monday be very “matter of fact” in you dealings with them. Just make it clear and without any emotions that you have no interest in their beliefs and that you would prefer if they would respect your views on the subject. Ask them to pray for the souls of the 24,000 children that die every day instead.

If they say anymore you could ask them if God answers their prayers. If they say yes ask them what does her voice sound like?

If they get angry say “Sorry please forgive me”
If they won’t then say you are “prepared to turn the other cheek”

I have done that a few time and it confuses them no end. Then say See Ya and walk away.

As for she basically believes n da devil but not god.Der is something seriously wrong wiv the child.

Yer wan sounds like a real bleedin Dub.

Also meant to say all the comments above mine are very good.


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