Recently, British magician Dynamo performed an illusion where he appeared to levitate beside a moving London bus. Christian columnist Dan Delzell has decided that this was an example of real paranormal activity and magicians and other occultists are messing with powers beyond their control. Oh, and God doesn't do magic because he's like, God, The stupidity just makes my brain hurt.

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Here is the video.

Rather Cool!

Does beg the question, 'how did you do it?' From my limited exposure to the art of 'magic', I was of the impression than a magician starts with the 'effect' and works back to the 'cause/method'. So how would he create the effect?

For a theist, they might consider 'tampering with the powers of god', sadly this can be a little worn out, and lets the theist off the hook to figure it out 'really'.

For a rationalist, they might consider a more naturalist approach, looking for some unseen, but practical method of generating the effect. Sadly without that insight into the magician's thinking, a real level of creativity might appear to be 'mysterious' on first inspection. For me from a distance, I can not see any wires, body support, alien technology (ok, what do I know of alien tech?), or indications of CGI manipulations. I leave this as a funny mystery, till some insight makes an appearance..;p)   

I just suspend my ration mind for a bit and enjoy the show, after all it's entertainment and I do enjoy being entertained.

In Islam, I believe they believe in black magic or something like that. Not surprised about the Christian columnist's logic. 

Can't they just throw magicians in the water and see if they float?

Just weigh them against ducks.  Ducks certainly float.  Oh yeah, and for the greater discussion, I recommend that people watch Neil Degrasse Tyson's talk about how the study of mathematics was declared satanic by a medieval Baghdad scholar, and how their society went from number one to one in the bum after that became official.  Link is to part three, after he says "In the year blah blah blah, the intellectual center of the world..."

went from number one to one in the bum

That made me laugh!


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