When I was a kid (in the 80's), I listened to lots of records - actual vinyl records. We had a collection of children's records including Sesame Street and the like. However, we also had A LOT of Christian music. We had such gems as "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" (we both been born again!), the Polka Dot Bear, Music Machine, and Kid's Praise Album (hosted by a talking songbook named "Psalty").

I was just listening to it again for the nostalgia and was horrified to find just how brainwashed I was. I know my parents had the best of intentions, but no wonder I suffered for so many years struggling with my lack of belief.

With such lyrics as "I know that Jesus loves me, I know that I love him, and every day I tell him, I'm so glad we're friends."

Psalty the Songbook guilt-trips the kids into singing his songs by crying. Then when they feel bad for him, lets them know that the only way to sing his songs is to "think happy thoughts about...Jesus. Like he's your lord and savior, and he loves you so very much." The whole album is a skit about how people need to praise Jesus more, not just by singing, but by singing Praise! from the heart! ugh.

Man oh man, it just gets better from there. After my initial shock and horror, I started finding the lyrics hilarious. Themes and ideas (Jesus loves me!) are repeated so often, it's clearly part of the brainwashing I went through.

So did any of you ever listen to these or other records (or CD's)? Are they funny or painful for you to listen to/think about now?

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You should post some of those gems for everyone to enjoy.
I vividly remember the Music Machine. Honestly, I was probably 8 or 9 before I realized it was a religious thing. I feel the same sense of "Holy Brainwash, Batman!" whenever I visit a church with my parents. I look at all these otherwise intelligent, normal, friendly people, and wonder how they can just accept the teachings. Even "Cafeteria Catholics" still take a lot of garbage that's just nonsensical.

It kinda breaks my heart, honestly. My dad is a biology teacher. Very scientific, and uses logic pretty much in his every day life. Except in regards to faith. Arguing with him about that (or homosexuality) kills me. Where did I learn to be so open minded & ACTUALLY scientific??
I haven't been punish to listen to those types of things, except for in church, but I have come across some dvds called Hermie & Friends that my son has been apparently watchin'. Not sure where they came from yet. Will post these events later.
I was a kid in the 80s too.

I remember Music Machine and Psalty; but most prominently of those "auditory memories" are the Bible stories with "Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue."

There's all kinds of new brainwashing music today, I hear it from my nieces all the time (as well as occasionally hearing some of those flashbacks from my childhood).
I can still sign "Jesus Loves Me" in ASL
Yeah teaching kids that non-scientific belief offers unconditional love and intrinsic worth is pretty insidious. Plus there's a chance they might miss out on a hot three-way down the road. I recommend that you free thinkers introduce your little globs of carbon to these classics:

"Jesus Was a Possibly Fictional Ancient Jew Who Doesn't Love You"
"Grandma's Gonna Die Soon and She'll Just Be Dead"
"Stifle that Urge to Seek Something Beyond What We Know For Sure Cause It's Just A Chemical Reaction"
So you think that kids need to believe in the supernatural in order to understand that their lives have intrinsic worth? If worth only comes from a god, then it's not intrinsic, is it?

I don't think that we need to lie to children about omniscient dieties and eternal life in order to teach them that their lives have value.

And does your god offer unconditional love? In that case, we should just teach our children to do good and be themselves, and we shouldn't need to worry about their belief in a deity that may or may not exist. Because unconditional love would mean that we haven't have to believe in a god in order for it to love us. And if it loved us, certainly there would be no worry about hell. So why do we need to drill into our kids' heads that that there is a god and an afterlife when we don't have any proof that that's the case?
"Yeah teaching kids that non-scientific belief offers unconditional love and intrinsic worth is pretty insidious."

Not that I've noticed. The threat of eternal torment and pain is pretty far from unconditional love. Matter of fact, it's pretty damn conditional. 'Do as I say, or I will hurt you forever.' Nice guy, your God.

And the worth offered is not intrinsic. As a matter of fact, the concept that humanity is inherently worthless and vile, and only God can lift people out of that state, is pretty core to a number of Christian denominations, and at is most basic form, to Christianity as a while. Original Sin, etc.

Sorry, Kenneth. 0 for 2.
Oh damn! I thought this guy was serious! That's the kind of post I'd make. I'm seriously about to pee myself over here! Let's break this down to understand the truth in his apparent attempt at sarcasm.

"Yeah teaching kids that non-scientific belief offers unconditional love and intrinsic worth is pretty insidious." -Yeah. It is. You know why? Because shit happens. If you really believe that you are loved unconditionally by an omnipotent being, it is safe to assume you'll be protected and happy forever or at worst tested and rewarded when you show your faith. The problem with this is that your god fails to deliver on his promise. Good, god-fearing people have crappy lives and die miserable. That is a fact. The argument of being rewarded in heaven is no better than a rumor since the concept of it changes from person to person, denomination to denomination. Life isn't fair, therefore god isn't. He is either evil, incompetent or both. Teach your child to be a good citizen and earn the love of their neighbors is much more fulfilling and beneficial to everyone. Intrinsic worth is a flawed concept. Love and admiration is something to be earned. The only person deserving of immediate devotion is a baby or newborn. As soon as they are old enough to learn, they gain responsibility for their actions. From that stage on, it becomes a process. Everyone needs to make thoughtful choices in life and pay the consequences when these choices are bad.

"Plus there's a chance they might miss out on a hot three-way down the road." - And the downside to this is ....what exactly?
Wait a minute.. whose side are you on, anyway?
Why are you so concerned with what goes on between two -or three-or more(!) consenting adults? You some kind of pervert? There are people that are into that, you know. I'd really suggest finding another who's into voyeurism play first or risk having the cops called when you're crushing Auntie Belle's petunias while peeking in her window at night.

"I recommend that you free thinkers introduce your little globs of carbon to these classics:" -Not making any personally. I feel that our earth is passed capacity for prime human load. If I do make the decision to adopt, I'll pass on your ideas. Let's see what we have here:

"Jesus Was a Possibly Fictional Ancient Jew Who Doesn't Love You" -How about we cut out all the fat there and just make it. "Jesus was Probably Fictional"
"Grandma's Gonna Die Soon and She'll Just Be Dead"- Oh.. tough one. Not all atheists believe in obliteration, (I have a blog on that somewhere. You can go take a look!) And even if you are one of those, how about explaining to your child that "Grandma is in a lot of pain right now, because that is the life-process." Telling your kid a fairy tale might make YOU feel better, but it will probably confuse them a bit down the road. I can't wait to hear your idea of where-babies-come-from! Obviously your own sense of comfort is way more important than your child's grasp of reality. Awesome!
"Stifle that Urge to Seek Something Beyond What We Know For Sure Cause It's Just A Chemical Reaction" -Awww.. see, I knew it! YOU ARE fighting on the atheist side! See, it's the religunuts that tell everyone "hmm.. no need for science here. We can stop all education and be happy with the story that god did it! No.. no! Look over here! I have cookies! No need to explore the beginnings of the universe or evolution. So what if it can unlock the cure for horrible diseases. Didn't you know that disease is a punishment?" Religion has a write off excuse for every mystery. GOD DID IT! Any research beyond that answer has been seen as blasphemy for thousands and thousands of years. My orgasms are just great even though I know it's a reaction of nerves. How are yours?
I remember in 8th grade the only music our teacher would let us listen to was Christian music. I tried not to show it, but I couldn't help but laugh while listening to it.
I hope you were at a religious school and weren't having your constitutional rights repeatedly violated at a public school. :)
It was at a religious school. Went there for eight years, so many memories. :)




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