Christian Assumptions. thoughts please? (ps, i'm new here)

So after leaving class the other day, i was walking towards the exit. an older man in a suit was standing by the door handing out bibles to everyone who passed by. So as to not hurt his feelings, i kindly smiled and took the bible. Once i was out of the mans view i offered it to another classmate in hopes that they were christian: she said she already had one. After that, i got home, and placed the bible directly in the garbage.

After pondering this for quite some time, i realized how bothered by this i truly was. How could this man honestly expect everyone passing through that door to be christian? What if i would have said "no thanks"?


I discussed this with a friend of mine who instantly claimed i was misinterpreting the situation. he stated, " the man was giving you an opportunity to see a different side of things. He was not expecting you to be a christian." I replied "he could have simply asked "would you like a bible?" rather than just handing it to me in a slightly presumptuous manor. Its easy to see why i thought he expected me to be a christian.


I'm not one to bash other people's religions, but to me this is another example of christian ignorance. What if the same situation happened with another person who was say, muslim or hindu?


Please discuss.

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Mike Glickman basically summed up what I wanted to now, I will just think about what you could do to annoy the presumptuous christian.


Take the bible and say, "Free toilet paper, THANKS!"

Take the bible and set it on fire.

Take the bible and point out all of the insane, masochistic, misogynistic, and generally evil things in it... publicly.... to the person handing out the bibles.

Probably cause a fair bit of yelling...

ass backward irrational opinions


Love it

Another way to look at it... Penn Jillette:


How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize? How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that? If I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming at you and you didn't believe it, and that truck was bearing down on you, there's a certain point where I tackle you. And this is more important than that.


Now I know there's no God, and one polite person living his life right doesn't change that. But I'll tell you, he was a very, very, very good man, and that's really important. And with that kind of goodness, it's OK to have that deep of a disagreement. I still think that religion does a lot of bad stuff, but that was a good man who gave me that book.

That makes sense

I probably would have kept it and had a discussion with him to see how much he knew about the book he was handing out.

@ Timothy


"There is a sense of entitlement amongst many Christians who think that evangelizing on behalf of Jesus is acceptable, while other religions should not be allowed the same right."


Bing Phuckin' O !!!!!!!!!!  Dude, you hit the proverbial nail square and smack dab on the head. Thank you.

Christians feel this is their country and they have the right to evangelize and proselytize wherever and whenever they want. 


If we had the financial resources I would like to pass out Dawkins and Hitchens at the local schools. The fundamentalists pass their "bibbles" out at the local schools all the time.

It's useful to keep a handful of mental institution cards for such people. Give them something useful in return.

Lol I like that!  Or a FFRF card...

I have and would refuse, in no uncertain terms. It is the xian's attitude, their right of entitlement, the arrogance of assumption, that really gets to me, good person or no. When they come to my door, JW's. and I have said to them, I am an Atheist, and I just don't read books that have violence, murder, rape, enslavery, mysoginy and general arrogance and power and cruelty over the meek. That book gives me nightmares.

I have a bible, and it has markings all the way through it. You can look up ANY quote in the bible on line, and it's quicker. 

That book is just not good enough for me.

When the Westboro lot come out onto the street with their hate and vitriol, I would like to stand beside them with my sign, Jesus loves Fags - Jesus is a Fag, and see how they react. That is one of my dreams. :)

Can't say I agree with this attitude.  Firstly, they are entitled by way of the first amendment.  Secondly, how forceful are these people with you?  In my experience, all you have to do is say "not interested" and they move on.  What's so wrong with that?

Agreed. To me it just sounds like a typical pamphleter in a shopping centre; you know the ones who thrust their leaflets into your path as you walk past? The same sort of tactic - relying on 'courtesy' to make people accept what they are handing out.
Personally, I would probably have treated this guy in the same way - speed up just enough to make them remove their hand hastily :)
Of course, the alternative of accepting it, then sitting down beside them, opening it up and giggling at it is a tempting fantasy...

That would be very funny


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