Christian Assumptions. thoughts please? (ps, i'm new here)

So after leaving class the other day, i was walking towards the exit. an older man in a suit was standing by the door handing out bibles to everyone who passed by. So as to not hurt his feelings, i kindly smiled and took the bible. Once i was out of the mans view i offered it to another classmate in hopes that they were christian: she said she already had one. After that, i got home, and placed the bible directly in the garbage.

After pondering this for quite some time, i realized how bothered by this i truly was. How could this man honestly expect everyone passing through that door to be christian? What if i would have said "no thanks"?


I discussed this with a friend of mine who instantly claimed i was misinterpreting the situation. he stated, " the man was giving you an opportunity to see a different side of things. He was not expecting you to be a christian." I replied "he could have simply asked "would you like a bible?" rather than just handing it to me in a slightly presumptuous manor. Its easy to see why i thought he expected me to be a christian.


I'm not one to bash other people's religions, but to me this is another example of christian ignorance. What if the same situation happened with another person who was say, muslim or hindu?


Please discuss.

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Maybe it's unnecessarily insulting to say "Jesus is a Fag".  But it's true he never condemned homosexuals (to my knowledge).  He probably did love fags. 

Joke Simon - I have seen this vile group on Youtube and TV news programmes. I am putting myself in the place of a gay. In Australia there is some bullying etc. of gays, but the vast majority of people don't know, don't care what sexual orientation a person is. We have two openly gay politicians. Gays here claim words like fag. Claim the word, and it doesn't hurt you anymore. We have brilliant celebration of gays here called 'The Gay Mardi Gras' .Thousands of people come from all over the world for it. It is so much fun, and very happy occasion. The church leaders bleat about it every year. :)

It's full on, taking the mickey out of everybody and anybody, church leaders, politicans, whoever. Over the top transvestites, in full make-up, called Pauline Pantsdown, and other such names. Blokes with mustaches, dressed like nuns, it's a scream.

A Westboro just wouldn't survive in Australia. They use the term fag, so I would too. This is a big problem for me, god, jesus is supposed to love everybody, but lets bash the crap out of gays. I hate the hypocrisy of churches and xians.

There is a donut shop where I get my morning coffee a couple times a week. About once a month there is a table outside displaying Jehovah's Witness literature. Behind the table there are always two neatly dressed young ladies. They never proactively hand out material and they never speak unless they are spoken to. A couple of months ago, I stopped and looked them right in the eyes and I asked, "Do you REALLY BELIEVE this stuff?" They mumbled something about god's holy words, prophecy, and my eternal soul.


The next time that I saw them, I asked them the same question. But that time they just stood silently and looked back at me.


A few days ago, I saw them again and I asked them them same question. But this time they looked away and they wouldn't even make eye contact.


I think that I'm winning.


Sounds like they're just going through the motions so as not to be ousted by the community.

Since moving house I've been bombarded by the JWs, most of them go quickly when I start to ask questions but there are a couple of old ladies who will actively try to answer my questions and have a discussion on it. Whilst neither side is convinced by the other's arguments, it's nice to see them confronting the issue and not just condemning the house, I always take their literature they offer as it makes a good read and I like to try and understand the other side.

It's also an indication of Christian arrogance. But I agree, the Bible is a source of great fun to debunk Christian arguments, so maybe you should've kept it. I've got about 7 bibles in my home of which one was given to me by the church elders after two years of strategic planning I did for them! It is a beautiful leather bound explanatory bible which I often use in my research for novels etc. They never twigged that I was an atheist, though!

I've just had a thought. How old are you, Mike? Because a man handing out Bibles in a (presumably) public school in the U.S. surely breaches some sort of law?

I'm guessing it was a University.  Universities are typically pretty liberal here, so I imagine a Dawkins book giveaway would have gone over just fine.

#1 – I wouldn’t recommend you throw away any book.
#2 – If you haven’t read the bible…. You should. It will make you a smarter atheist.

I don't know about "smarter"...  maybe "more knowledgeable".

Christians were not necessarily his intended targets. Unless the version of the bible he was passing out was different in any way than a typical bible, generally the purpose of handing them out is to reach those with questions, the weak in faith or those with no faith/different faith.

Okay, so I've decided...

My new plan in these situations to ask if they've considered the alternative.  Just as they witness to everyone, we should do the same.  Not in an abrasive way, but in a kind, informative way.  There's no need to tell them their beliefs are stupid, just offer them another way of thinking.  That's typically their approach and the Christian community is growing everyday.  We should do that same.


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