Hi I'm new here and this is my first post.  After leaving the Jehovah Witnesses and finding out I'm an atheist I struggled with how to answer my child's questions about where everything comes from.  

For every secular book there are a hundred theistic books.  I started a list of books that are science based.  Most of these books are about evolution specifically.  I'm slowly expanding my list and when ever I can I order the books through the local library.

I hope that this will be helpful to the people here.  I'm hoping that maybe others could share the books they have found for their children and how their kids liked them.



Our family tree: an evolution story by: Lisa Westberg Ages 4-8

The Tree of life: the wonders of evolution           by: Ellen Jackson             Ages 4-8

Ape                                                                       by Martin Jenkins             Ages 4-8

Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution                       by: Steve Jenkins             Ages 4-8

The Human Body: How We Evolved                         by: Joanna Cole               Ages 9-12

Evolution (Let’s Read and Find Out Science

Book)                                                                 by: Joanna Cole           Ages 4-8

How Whales Walked Into the Sea                             by: Faith McNulty            Ages 9-12



Birth of the Earth

(Cartoon History of the Earth)                             by: Jacqui Bailey                 N/A

The Dawn of Life

(Cartoon History of the Earth)                               by: Jacqui Bailey                 N/A

Day of the Dinosaurs

(Cartoon History of the Earth)                               by: Jacqui Bailey                 N/A

Life Finds It’s Feet

(Cartoon History of the Earth)                               by: Jacqui Bailey                 N/A

Stick and Stone Age

(Cartoon History of the Earth)                               by: Jacqui Bailey                 N/A

When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth,

And Bugs Began to Swarm: A Cartoon

Prehistory of Life Long Before Dinosaurs           by: Hannah Bonner         Ages  9-12          

When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange,


and Tetrapods Stalked the Earth: A Cartoon


Prehistory of Life before Dinosaurs                       by: Hannah Bonner          Ages  9-12




Born With a Bang:

The Unviverse Tells Our Cosmic Story*                  by: Jennifer Morgan     Ages 9-12

From Lava to Life:

The Universe Tells our Earth’s Story*                      by: Jennifer Morgan       Ages 9-12

Mammals Who Morph:

The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story*               by: Jennifer Morgan         Ages 9-12


*I have been told that these books have a bit of an “new age” feel to them and portrays the universe as “thinking”, “dreaming”, and “wishing”. This is done to create a story but may be confusing to young children just starting to grasp the concepts of evolution


History of Early Hominids*

The Best Book of Early People (Best  Books of)   by: Margaret Hynes         Ages 9-12

Painters of the Caves                                               by: Patricia Lauber           Ages 9-12


*I put these in a separate category because it looks like these only touch on the subject of evolution and they deal specifically with humans.



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Forgive me if the formating is a bit odd. I did it in Word originally and copying it into a post usually makes it come out a bit messy
Thanks for the great list! My daughter (3) has a few science books now, including "Our Family Tree." It's a great book to use when educating young children :)
Your welcome. I've read a few to my daughter already. I'm glad we live in a very secular area so the local library has many of the books. Unfortunately the library is under remodel for the next couple months so the children's books are in storage. My daughter has been quite upset. How was Our Family Tree? I have a hold on it for when it comes out of storage.

the Jacqui Bailey name is familiar, I think she also did a series of kids sex-ed books that the school gave out.


ANyway try National Geographic books, they have some great earth/life science books and they are always worth the look, just for the photos. I now see it, a great one for kids "The National Geographic Answer Book."

Thank you! This is very helpful. Although my son is only 10 months, it's never too early to begin teaching him about science.

I created this list in an Amazon aStore (but click the link for new and used books for better deals; it will take you to Amazon's site): http://astore.amazon.com/mummumsref-20.  Just hold [Ctrl] as you click a "new and used books" link to browse for discounted books.


I just bought the "Lifetimes" book for my little boy.  He probably won't get it yet, but I wanted to introduce him to the concept of life and death from the get-go to try to head off that fear.  I spent a long time looking at other books and stuff for parents and kids, too, so feel free to browse around!


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