I have a question for everyone: for the ladies...if you became pregnant as a result of rape, what do you think you would do?

Keep the baby,

put it up for adopion?

Or abort it?


For the men: If you were a girl, lol, and this happened to you, what would you do?

This is national domestic violence month, so in it's honor (for starters) here's an article on rape and pregnancy.


What would you do?

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Thank you for all the info Cara! This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I'm looking for....I'm going to have a read and I'll let you know!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
RE: Pope

You've already earned the Super Woman suit, but take care of yourself the best you can.)

Thanks so much! If you knew the brave women I know in my domestic violence support group your jaw would DROP at the horrors faced by women in the USA in a mostly democratic/liberal state. It is un-fucking-believable....we still have a LLLOOOONNNGGGG way to go. More than you might really want to know. My situation is menial compared to some. It fucking sucks don't get me wrong, but there's always a way. I truly believe that. Always. I'll gladly take your title of Super Woman though, lol....but give it to Cara and Judith too ;)

I'll gladly take your title of Super Woman though, lol....but give it to Cara and Judith too ;)

Abso-fricken-lutely! Cara and Judith have impressed me a number of times.

RE Cara: You're a strong woman though. And really brave. Seriously.

You too girl!!! A woman does what she has to do. There are women in this world MUCH worse off so you'll never (well, almost never) hear me complain. It's easy to get stuck in self-pity if we're not careful. I'm hoping this discussion will serve as a resource for other women who may not be as crazy/vocal/extrovert as I am who may be facing similar challenges, particularly in the secular/atheist community. That's partially why I bring my personal shit up often because I KNOW I'm not the only woman going through this who is an Atheist trying to overcome religious lies...years of them. I hope my story will help someone, if even a little bit. Women have to stick together.

You're a strong and amazing woman too Cara ;)

@Belle Rose:

Belle, who speaks for the child you are contemplating giving birth to?  In this thread it's been me.

I have known too many of them to sugar-coat this decision for you.

Why are you being so selfish?  If you have this child, the child will be the one who bears the majority of the burden of your decision over the next 18 years not you.

An aborted fetus never suffers the hard life of being an unwanted child, but a child in the adoption system does.

How many children are currently awaiting adoption in the system at the present time?  If you don't know the answer, don't you think you should before having another child?

You already have a child, why not focus on giving that child the best chance at life you can.  Get an abortion and raise the one child you have as best as you can, the world already has enough unwanted children.

Best of luck,

Mean Ol' Gregg the Asshole. :)

@Gregg: who's calling you an asshole?? I could easily change that, lol...no seriously.....

I suppose you are right to a degree. I'm not sure you're speaking of the adoption system though. It almost sounds like you're referring to foster care?? They are WORLDS apart.

The adoption process is that I would choose a couple who (usually can't have kids but desperately want one) are already eligible to adopt. This means they've already gone through a LOOOONNNNNGGGgG process to prove their "eligibility."

I am thinking about my son. Do you think giving up a baby for adoption wouldn't come with some small financial benefit plus all medical expenses paid? I could USE that financial help. Right now I am BROKE.

And the adoptive parents would be invited to be PART of the process. Attending the ultrasound, doctor's appt and even yes, the birth. They would be my support system. But when it's all said and done the baby would be raised by them like it's their own flesh and blood. Just like MY parents raised me since I was 6 weeks old. My situation is different. They didn't have open adoptions like they do now where you get to KNOW the person taking your baby. So they would win because they would have a child they WANT and love. I would win with sticking to my own personal convictions, and getting a little bit ahead financially for the child I DO have and putting some money in savings, and the baby would grow up some day and be able to meet me (if they so choose) and it would be honest and transparent for everyone.

I myself was adopted. I always have felt that I would never under any circumstances abort a baby. That's something I don't know if I can do. I'm still learning and deciding. I am only explaining to you for the sake of the discussion and learning, and maybe helping others reading this if they are in the same boat.

I know you well enough to know you're matter-of-fact with everyone so I take no offense to your "harsh" comments. And knowing that we have this mutual understanding I'm sure you'll not take any offense to me saying, "Quit pretending like you actually care and are advocating for my baby you asshole."

;-) lol

"I always have felt that I would never under any circumstances abort a baby."

You know, if you've had unprotected sex and did not get pregnant, but could have because of your ovulation cycle, you probably self-aborted  miscarried. 

Do you know that as many as 75% of all conceptions self-abort miscarry?

If this could have happened to you, have you had severe emotional problems as a result?  YOU HAVEN'T?  Well, then, why not?  Those babies were never baptized, so they are HELLBOUND, since they still carry their Original Sin, and the Catholic Church has said that Limbo doesn't exist anymore, so their souls don't go there.  Since the Bible doesn't explicitly say that unborn and unbaptized babies get a special dispensation for not believing and accepting Holy Jeebus as their Savior and Lifestyle Consultant, you can't pull the "they get a special investigation at the Pearly Gates" out of your butt and say they magically get a free get-out-of-hell card.

I'm not trying to belittle the obvious moral, physical and emotional turmoil that a rape victim has in facing what to do, but really, since self-aborts miscarriages happen SO frequently without women becoming hysterical about it, they should be able to make the choice to actually abort a rapist's impregnation without any guilt.

I'm not sure what your situation is, but I hope you're not feeling like you're forced into something because an imaginary creature supposedly said not to do it, unless the imaginary creature is the Tooth Fairy telling you to not forget to floss.

LOL Jack, what is your fixture on the tooth fairy analogy? That is SO last season....

Just kidding...

Dude I'm an Atheist. More like an Anti-theist. If you want the low down, start from the top.


"...the Catholic Church has said that Limbo doesn't exist anymore..."

Being one of the Billion or so born into the Catholic Church Family of Fools, when they did that one I was flabbergasted.

So the Catholic Sky-Daddy decides to go back on a promise he made to all those millions of unbaptized babies he has been keeping in that special nursery in heaven and says;

"Fuck all you little free-loading sinners it's off the Hell with you!"

That Sky-Dude is a bigger asshole then me. 


"@Gregg: who's calling you an asshole??"

I often introduce myself as an asshole when I meet new people, so they don't have a reason to get their panties in a bunch when my worldview doesn't agree with their worldview.

"I could USE that financial help. Right now I am BROKE."

New slogan for Adoption Centers:

Make Babies for Fun and Profit

"I would choose a couple who (usually can't have kids but desperately want one) are already eligible to adopt"

Ever wonder why these wonderful people haven't adopted a special needs baby already?

I'm not against the fine human beings who do adopt unwanted children especially special needs children, I am very much against making babies for the specific purpose of putting them up for adoption.

"And the adoptive parents would be..."

So at present these wonderful wealthy loving new parents are just a thought experience and not really flesh and blood human beings who have committed to raising your unborn fetish.  What if those perfect parents don't exist?  Guess where this purposed baby goes if they don't magically appear?  The same place already filled with other unwanted babies "the system"...hospital>adoption center/orphanage>foster care>juvenile criminal housing>the big house>death by shank.

IIRC  (correct me if I'm wrong) you were adopted by religious parents who will disown you if they find out you are carrying a child fathered by a black man, weren't they also deemed "eligible" the be adoptive parents?  I would never disown a child of mine even if he turned out to be Adolf Hitler (I'd put him down but I wouldn't disown him).

"I'm sure you'll not take any offense to me saying, "Quit pretending like you actually care and are advocating for my baby you asshole.""

None taken and I don't care about your fetus nor what choices you make in life, you asked for opinions these have been mine.

You have the option to abort the fetus you don't want, do it before that option goes away.

Thanks for your opinion Gregg. You know I'm just messin' with you by calling you an asshole (you asshole, lol)...

I get it. I see your point and point well taken...I'll think about it.
RE: I don't find any major problems with your arguments just how they are presented.

That's just how Gregg is Nathan. I'm sure he's a warm teddy bear inside ;)


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