I have a question for everyone: for the ladies...if you became pregnant as a result of rape, what do you think you would do?

Keep the baby,

put it up for adopion?

Or abort it?


For the men: If you were a girl, lol, and this happened to you, what would you do?

This is national domestic violence month, so in it's honor (for starters) here's an article on rape and pregnancy.


What would you do?

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I would have an abortion. I am totally against the idea of any schmuck coming along and deciding they want to become a father via my body. I am not just a walking uterus waiting to become inseminated. It's bad enough anyone would commit that kind of violence against me, or anyone, but to say carrying the rapist's child to term is adding insult to injury is an extreme understatement.

Also, in most state's rapist's have parental rights. Eff that.

Finally, I think adoption is generally a terrible alternative. I would feel worse giving my child up for adoption and wondering what their fate was than terminating my pregnancy before the blastocyst had a chance to develop a nervous system or a mind/consciousness. If I did carry to term, I would absolutely keep the baby.

I was adopted. My life isn't perfect but it's better than it would have been had my biological parents kept me. I know they were Catholic. I have to believe their faith played in to the decision not to abort me. Just another perspective for consideration...

I'm glad you were adopted into a much better life than you would have had. I shouldn't paint adoption with such a broad brush. It's definitely the best thing that could've happened to many children.

As far as me giving up a child for adoption, I wouldn't. My child would definitely have a better life with me... and I wouldn't take the chance of putting them in a system where abuse is possible. I would rather not give birth to my rapist's child but, if I did, I would absolutely keep it. I would feel like a terrible person otherwise... knowing I could give the child a good life.

I guess I simply don't see a fertilized egg as a person yet; it's still merely potentially a person. Actually, it is literally an anus in the beginning. I don't know what the exact moment is an embryo becomes a person, but it's certainly not in the first few weeks. I probably would take the morning after pill right away so the possibility of me finding out I was pregnant weeks later would be slim.

it is literally an anus in the beginning

Haha, a brainless anus. That analogy makes even more sense than my sense that it just looks like a salamander for a while.

Don't get me wrong. I make fun of it, but once it's born, it's a real person. But even then, it can have problems that one wishes one knew about before it actually became a person.

I've also heard (again from the religious pro-lifers) that abortion increases risk of breast cancer, like, 10 fold. Does anyone know if this is true?? I'm asking. I get mixed answers about this.

It's false.

In 1997, the New England Journal of Medicine published the largest-scale study ever on this subject--with 1.5 million participants--which concluded that there is no independent link between abortion and breast cancer. Clearly if abortion does increase the risk of breast cancer, it does so by an undetectably small margin. Becoming pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term may, however, reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Most all the claims the Pro-Life movement make are completely fabricated scare tactics. I was recently an Ambassador for Planned Parenthood and our monthly meeting were full of informative, myth-dispelling talks given by medical experts.

The Guttmacher Institute has a lot of good information. Here's an article about abortion and mental health. Of course, Planned Parenthood also has a lot of good information. One fact is that abortion is significantly safer than pregnancy itself.

I think that birthing and breast feeding reduce the risk of cancer, but 10 fold is an outright lie. If I remember correctly, it's more in the very low percentages, like lower than the percentage of risk added just by (say) second hand smoke.

I'd look up statistics if I had more time. NIH probably has decent, unbiased statistics. 

Or start here.

Morning after pills, most definately.

Of course I'm glad I wasn't aborted, glad to be a combo of one in millions of sperm and one in hundreds of eggs... the chances of me becoming me were astronomically infinitesimal. If the combo had been different, someone else might have been saying this instead of me. But my past should have absolutely no bearing on other people's decisions on abortions. Natural abortions occur inthe multitudes, daily, but I see no reason to let it bother us.

This may sound silly, but really, if I was aborted, I can guarantee you that I wouldn't complain about it, or feel sorry for myself.

Cheers to everyone who makes it into this world. As to those who don't, they just never came to be, and there was no loss (except to a parent, in a few cases).

One lie spread by religious pro-lifers is that women who are raped "shut it down" hormonally to prevent pregnancy. I'm embarrassed to admit I thought this was true before. For anyone else who has been fed garbage see article:


I'm embarrassed to admit I thought this was true before.

That's still a reality of women around the world, among other male superpositions, until we overcome thousands of years of history and ritual.


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