So long story short I had to give my boys up for adoption. Their adoptive mother is a relatively sane christian. She and I over two years have been trying to figure out how to get children back into my care. At moment we have settled on blending households. Here is my conundrum how to deal with Hi i'm and atheist and you're a christian. Wrong move could cost me my sons again  Yet don't have an overwhelming urge to find my self in church either. She supports freedom or choice and evolution so not a do this or die type. So any suggestions? 

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It's another version of not letting the (in this case imaginary) perfect be the enemy of the "merely" good.

very true

Hugs thank you. Its a day by day thing. i do a lot of pause and think.

There's nothing you can't get through if you just take it a day at a time until you pick up speed, before you know it you'll be flying girl, keep your head up!

That's very moving, Belle.  I like this: 

Resilience reflects that which characterizes a twig with a fresh, green, living core: when stepped on, such a twig bends and yet springs back.  

- George E Vaillant, The Wisdom of the Ego

Love it Simon. I'm stealing it. Although I wouldn't say a "twig" is the right word. More like a rose, (they have thorns :)


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