U.S. District Court Judge Edmond E. Chang said the municipal ordinance goes "too far." He delayed the effect of his ruling to allow the city to respond.

“Chicago’s ordinance goes too far in outright banning legal buyers and legal dealers from engaging in lawful acquisitions and lawful sales of firearms," Chang wrote in the opinion, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago currently prohibits the sale of handguns within city limits.(source)

Is this the way gun control laws will fall like dominoes across the land?

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Is this the way gun control laws will fall like dominoes across the land?

It does seem like Chicago and Illinois have been getting smacked upside the head a lot for their gun laws.  Though as Gallup points out, other localities' laws have survived, at least at lower levels of the judiciary.  (The only thing the judge there struck down was the silly and arbitrary rule that you can only put seven rounds into a ten round magazine.)

They were forced by a judge to pass some sort of concealed carry; as part of this the state government has forbidden localities from regulating handguns (and only gave them a few days to pass new regs like magazine limits on long guns). 

Given that the concealed carry permit process is still ramping up in Illinois, ironically if you are from out of state you have privileges locals do not.  You can, if driving through Illinois and you have a concealed weapons permit, conceal the gun while in your car.  (This is in spite of the fact that Illinois will not otherwise recognize any other state's permit.)  But not if you are an Illinois resident!

The Illinois law for getting a permit is fairly onerous, requiring 16 hours of training (which costs money), a hundred and fifty dollar fee (three hundred dollars if you are trying to get a non-resident permit), and the list of places you are not permitted to carry is quite long, long enough to render the "privilege" (which is really a right) useless for many.  But under Illinois law, if you meet all these requirements, they cannot refuse to issue you a permit.


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