Changing Stance on Abortion for Religious Reasons

So I asked a question over on Yahoo Answers in reference to epigenetics potentially being a cause for homosexuality. And I came across an individual who claims that she has changed her views on abortion all because of the chance that one may someday be able to know the sexually of a child while still in the womb. She admitted that she would have a child aborted if she thought it could be gay.

She does not say it but I believe that there is a good chance that this woman is a Christian. I just get a vibe that this flavour of hatred is rooted with religious beliefs.  

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There is no doubt about it, this is very disturbing to me. I think that the issue here is that she has a deeply rooted anti-gay religious belief. She is so focused on this that it has over-ridden her original stance on abortion 

Nerdy Keith, you covered it nicely in the thread.  She is an evil and selfish person.  She is willing to suspend her views regarding the right to life of a fetus, because of her caustic attitude regarding a group of people who she see's as "the other".

It would be interesting to see how malleable her morality is where it conflicts with her other ideologies.


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