I work for a university foundation and fundraise over the phone. Because we spend most of our time listening to the phone ringing, my coworkers and I often chat while waiting for someone to finally answer. We talk about our classes, the news, and pretty much everything.

I don't normally care what people say in the workplace because I'm not the type to be offended easily. People have the right to their opinions. Unfortunately, my coworkers and supervisor do not share this belief. My supervisor has the general rule of not talking about politics or religion. However, when a group of girls sitting behind me started talking about their idea of "Christian morals" and how divorce and a wide array of other common things in society are wrong, it was perfectly fine with the supervisor.

The second I said that one doesn't have to be a Christian to have moral integrity and that not all Christian morals are universal, my supervisor told me to be quiet and that what I said "crossed the line." I was being perfectly polite and, in my opinion, their comments about how immoral people are were much more offensive than my comment about morality in the absence of religion.

My question: how do I stand up for myself when I know that I am being discriminated against at work by a supervisor? If I can't talk about not being a Christian, they shouldn't get to talk about being Christians. That's a perfectly reasonable request to me. 

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If you don't care about the potential loss of this job then I would just say what the phuck I wanted. Sometimes by coming on strong like a lion causes the feeble Christians to cower in the corner of the arena.


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