So many people don't know how to use them. No, I don't mean they don't know how to text or use particular apps. I mean that so many people don't seem to realize that the phone's microphone is only about 1" from their mouth, so they don't need to talk loud enough for people to hear them 20 or 30 feet away. I ride buses a lot so the person who talks loudly to the person in the next seat is now augmented by the person talking loudly on their cell phone. 

And the louder the talker, the less I want to hear the subject matter. Usually, they are in an animated conversation about a friend or acquaintance, or else they are going into "more than I needed to know" territory like, "I'm sorry I didn't make your party last night, I just got out of jail." or (and I actually heard this one once) "I found I'm pregnant. Ain't that a (expletive deleted) bitch?!!!"

Also, some people, especially young women, seem to live most of their lives on the cell phone. I take a public bus to my day job and it's not uncommon to have some young woman talking about some third person, the latest party, clothing bargains, or whatever, for almost the entire 45 minute ride!

Teachers tell us that texting in class is a huge problem with many students (and I can imagine that most of them are girls) are heads down while they read and send texts, often to someone right there in class with them? If we're concerned with girls not being competitive with boys in the workplace, why not start with taking away their cell phones so that their nose can be pointed forward toward the teacher and blackboard?

There is technology to block cell phone technology by interrupting the cell signal at the perimeter of the building, but there are legal problems with that approach.

Flying used to offer at least a brief respite from cell phone fiends, but this may soon be coming to an end. The FAA is considering allowing cell phone usage on planes.

What are your thoughts about cell phones in general and cell phones on planes in general. If use on planes is approved, what rules and restrictions would you suggest. Time limits on calls? No loud talking?

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Here is a TED talk on the information a mobile phone company can collect about you.


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