This is a post about anachronistic language that hasn't yet caught up with reality.

For example, on the news you'll often see a clip that the newsreader says was "caught on tape" even though, I'm sure, most of the time anymore it wasn't captured on tape at all, but more like on a memory card or directly into a computer's memory. No tape involved at all.

Here's another one: We all refer to our iPhones, Galaxies, EVO's, etc. as "phones" when, in fact, they are handheld radios.

Got any examples of your own?

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Kodachrome was film rolls. Echtachrome was slide and a much cooler, as in temperature film. Shot about a thousand rolls of Echtachrome overseas but just love the warmth and detail from Kodachrome especially the super slow stuff I used in bright sunlight or with flash, Asa 24.

You drive in a 'Parkway', and park in a 'Driveway'.

To be noble, a gentleman or a lady refers to behavior or disposition today. These originated as actual nobility in the British social class system. A gentleman, for example, indicated the landed gentry: a man of wealth, high birth and good social standing who did not need to work for a living.

Telling people (of the lower classes) to 'act like gentlemen' was a literal reference to members of a higher social status as models for 'proper' behavior, based on the idea that one should aspire to emulate his betters.



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