This is a post about anachronistic language that hasn't yet caught up with reality.

For example, on the news you'll often see a clip that the newsreader says was "caught on tape" even though, I'm sure, most of the time anymore it wasn't captured on tape at all, but more like on a memory card or directly into a computer's memory. No tape involved at all.

Here's another one: We all refer to our iPhones, Galaxies, EVO's, etc. as "phones" when, in fact, they are handheld radios.

Got any examples of your own?

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I was watching the tube...and I don't mean Youtube.


Wireless cable.

I don't really think that's an anachronism, more like a quasi oxymoron.

In email, CC stands for carbon copy. Once, this literally meant a copy produced by writing on paper that had one or more layers of carbon paper and regular paper under it.

Before Xerox introduced its photocopying technology, there was mimeography. For a while, "mimeos" was a term used even when the images were created by a Xerox machine.

"Militant non-belief" that is inspired by "faith in Atheism" though I suppose they are oxymorons too.

Xerox -are they even around anymore?

Film - "I'm filming my daughter's recital." Too bad my movie camera uses Secure Digital memory technology and no "film".


You miss film?

No, not really for motion pictures but man do I miss Kodachrome. Especially the 64.

I never used slide film much, but am aware of its advantages, limitations, and properties. 

However, all things considered, I'm quite happy with my Nikon D600 and all the software out there for working with digital files.

We are now in the age when film is almost entirely for art photography and very high-end commercial photography, and that latter category is shrinking day by day with the introduction of digital backs for medium- and large-format camera..

Echtachrome was slide film.

I had given my daughter a Nikon D40 with a wide angle zoom and telephoto zoom lens for her 16th birthday. She probably used it for six months and there it sat. I found out that that particular camera accepts the majority of Nikon lens. I went on ebay and picked up a pre AI Nikkor 105mm macro lens. I've been doing closeups ever since. The lens kills the metering but if you turn to the lcd display on back you really don't need it. I also use and old analog Gossen Luna Pro set to incident light metering when the light is crap. Thought about buying a new Nikon camera, with more megapixel's but then I can't use the macro or 50mm manual lens I bought. Also, I'll never print a photograph larger than 11x13 inches, which is the maximum on a 6 megapixel image.


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