The Caucasus Emirate mujahideen, who are fighting a jihad to establish an independent Islamic state under Sharia law in the Russian federation, are urging all Muslims to pray for an earthquake to strike the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Reuters published the following quotes from the Mujahideen letter (in Russian) published on Monday:

"All who are able to read this letter can supplicate that the Almighty destroys the land in Sochi with an earthquake, and makes the infidels 'drunk of water' before Hell and drown in a flood! The Games of the atheists and pagans! The pigs are so arrogant that they decided to host the Games on the ground where our ancestors shed their blood to defend Islam and Muslims. Even the blind can see it! We know how the Russian infidels - those who we have been fighting for centuries in the Caucasus - have become arrogant and decided to hold the Satanic games on the ground of the companions who brought Islam. May Allah give the infidels in Sochi the last earthquake of their lives".

After five days of prayer, no earthquakes or floods have been reported in Sochi.

Still, writing as an atheist, it's nice that they're thinking of them as "my" games.

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as long as all they do is prey.  isn't it interesting that prayer seems less threatening to me than an aggressive looking  shrew?

 The problem is that they won’t accept that their God, in not creating an earthquake or flood, might actually like Atheists and infidels. So they will want to do His work for Him by claiming to know the mind of their God and going on a murder spree on His behalf and with the blessing of the leadership of the herd.


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