Cats are Anti-Christian and Other Strange Tails(Tales)...

The cat: a pagan anti christian animal (And More!)

This is an article that showed up on my facebook page. I had to translate it, so I'm not sure if anything was lost in translation but... GOOD GRAVY what the freakin' fuck?

Included are articles about why rabbits are raping cats, how the unholy chihuahua helps Mexicans steal and how owning a cat is akin to paganism.

I felt that this bizarre series should be shared here, because I just could not let this insanity stew in my brain all by itself.

Oh, and Herod was a cat owner, and cats were probably at the beheading of John the Baptist...


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Some of the pictures are great. My fav is the 2 elephants making a trunk call. Where does he get off telling us that we own cats?? I was sure it was the other way around. The writer is jealous of cats because like him, they have a god complex :-)

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.”

Christopher Hitchens.

Thanks Carol for the site link. There is some good stuff there lol.

I am an angel, I promise!

RIP Colonel Meow. May kitty heaven be full of scratch posts and salmon flavored cat nip

Clearly this thing is an agent of satan...

At that same link, lower on down, this was said in regard to dogs (the akita in particular):

Imported by Japanese hedonists, these dogs are one of the reasons why the USA decided to purge the Japanese mainland from their wicked ways through just and humane use of nuclear bombardment.
At another area of this blogspot this was stated:
The FDA recently approved a miracle pill that can alter the brain of a gay person to be less sarcastic and thus can hold a conversation without his witty interludes and contrived humor.
And, hold on, this is great as well:
A Christian husbands do not like women whose private parts smell indelicate, unless her husband is French. Even many women, neglect of personal hygiene, are surprised when the marriage bed cools. A faithful husband may be forced to look for a couple more delicate scent either other women or gays, which we know is deliciously perfumed.
And we wonder why the world is so utterly wacky.......sheeesh.


Strangest thing I've seen in a while. Maybe in its original language, it's an obvious parody??? Please? Please tell me somebody doesn't print a serious blog that says Chihuahuas and Mexicans are small and will steal  your stuff?

I've read the article in Spanish. It's a collection of articles with the label "pets" on them. The first article I can't make any sense of. The second has little to do with religion. The third seems like a parody though it's written so seriously and strangely at times I can't tell if they author even knows it's a parody (or will be taken as a parody).

I've read several other articles and they all seem like satire...but again there are some lines that seem creepily serious and not funny. The comments sections make it all the more confusing. For example on the article "50% of the readers of this blog are gay" almost all the comments are by gay people thanking the writer for the blog. On the "Real women don't masturbate" it basically gives all sorts of advice on masturbating and then a long speech on why not to...yet the comment section they all thank the writer for the advice one saying: "indeed why should I masturbate when I can get a man finger me on command". The blog has an extreme obsession with all forms of sex. One article is on "how guys manage to get gay partners" and then goes on for pages about eating sperm along with all sorts of pick-up techniques and then another long and not funny rant on how none of it's christian. Also note that most of the pictures are hilarious illustrations yet a few are very strange and shouldn't belong in satire.

I can't say I really understand the site but at least I laughed out loud pretty hard while reading most of these. Very fun and yet disturbing stuff.

Most people don't know that one of the leading causes of the great plague was the Catholic Church's obsession with the idea that cats were demons or familiars of witches. Incredibly cruel and horrific deaths were visited on cats: burnings, drownings, tossing from church towers, live dismemberment, and more. All in the name of God.

Meanwhile, rats were scurrying all around, reproducing, and carrying the bubonic plague with them wherever they went. Cats weren't much affected by the plague because fleas (the real plague vector) tend to be fairly specific in terms of the species they prefer. At any rate, the plague would not have been nearly so severe if the cats had simply been allowed to live and do what comes naturally to them, which has nothing to do with witches or Satan.

As my mama would've said, "That's his tale, I'm sitting on mine (tail)." It seems that here in the Bible belt,  there are still so many superstitions. People have said that cats steal babies breaths. Others said that cats are evil. I've seen Cretins for Christ run away or shudder if near a cat or talking about cats. Hey, it's a great opportunity to creep out the creepy.


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