If Islam is the definition of arrested sociological progression then catholicism is the definition of an organised terrorist organisation.

The catholic church has systematically intimidated and coerced and instilled fear in the victims of the criminal acts of it’s priests.

The church has coordinated and calculated a response motivated by goals that are religious or ideological in nature.

Tell me why the catholic church is not a terrorist organisation by definition.


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If the crusades and Inquisitions were still in effect, I would agree, but, now that the Church DOESN'T have the power to do these things, I would mostly disagree as to "definition".

To be considered a terrorist organization, I don't think threats of the afterlife would count...but if they DID, then, yes, they would be terrorists, as, a main thrust of their convert to be SAVED campaign, is that you WILL BE tortured if you don't convert.

The FEAR/Terror that you will be tortured for all eternity if you DON'T convert, IS using terror to achieve an end.

They DO try to weasel out of that concept by saying "God doesn't send you to hell, you send yourself" and so forth...

....which is akin to ISIS saying "We didn't blow you up, you blew yourself up by not joining us".


Of course, ALL religions with Hell for those of other sects, not just Catholicism, would also be terrorist groups in that context.

So, if threats of a tortured afterlife count, OK....otherwise, now a days, not so much.


I like it. It is a time-tested mindfuck. Sure, it has been forced to make concessions to modernity as its power has waned. In spite of its reduced power it has some strength. 

Is there a safer haven for molesters?

Do they continue to influence their mindfucked members politically and avoid paying taxes?

Do they continue to have support among homosexuals and women who they shit all over?

Do they influence reproduction and actively promote their baby factory policies among the poorest and most illiterate?

Do they manage to convince the mindfucked that morality is only possible when it is by fiat and given by a Catholic creator even though the tenets are mostly garbage?

Do they manage to convince the mindfucked to waste their time in childish rituals?

I have met several people who as children were abused by Catholic priests. The memories are frozen into their eyes and their voices are haunted by the terror it brings back. I have known men to drink themselves to death before they knew they were not alone, never knowing that they had thousands of brothers and sisters just like them.

I was once told by a woman who spent almost 60 years of her life living alone because she was unable to love anyone as all her love had been beaten out of her by Catholic nuns with sticks and straps.  She knew that even god did not love her because the nuns had told her god could not love a bastard child like her when she was nine years old. She remembers she was nine because the same nuns allow the priest to rape her on her birthday, just before she was allowed a slice of her birthday cake.  She slept in the coal shed that night.

I have had grown men, hard street wise men break down and weep like something I cannot even create a comparison to because I had never heard such desperation in a human voice.

I won’t write of the really sick and depraved stories I have been told by those that suffered at the hands of Catholic terrorists.

I have also met several people who have been traumatized by it. 

That's a terrible story.  It just shows how cruel culture can be (the nuns were justified by the prohibition on having children out of wedlock) and how vulnerable children can be. 

Labeling things "terrorism" has become so over-used by those who wish to suppress dissenting thought that it pretty much falls under Godwin's Law these days.

I wonder why you left out the Jews?  That would have made it a perfect hate-mongering trifecta.

Jews are a people. Catholicism is an ideology. 

Calling out hate and trying to improve civilization is not hate-mongering. Sitting on our ass and failing to call it out is apathy. 

Dr. Bob instead of defending the catholic church or explaining why it isn't a terrorist organisation you've just pointed to the Jews. Hey...other people could be considered a terrorist organization (and you'd face a backlash if you did) so why are you picking on poor old us.

Perhaps the reason you see calling the catholic church as a force of instilling terror as some cliche...is because revealing the horror of the past actions of the church and unveiling new scandals and finding current ones has become so common and every day that it isn't even news anymore.

Worse though, is how you do absolutely nothing to defend your church but instead say it's overused to shut people up. Sounds like you are resorting to calling us hate-mongeres just to shut us up. Are you completely incapable of taking a step back and realise that you usually do the very things you accuse us of doing...all within the same post?

This is the fifth time you have insinuated this website is (or contains) hate-mongering or that it is a hate group...and every time you do this you never defend your church or explain why it isn't as horrid as we claim...but instead throw out this accusation or insult. This is pure trolling. We are not hate-mongering and it is highly offensive to be casually labelled so. Please don't resort to the hate-mongering accusation/insult again unless you're prepared to back it up with a definition of what hate-mongering is and how that specifically applies to us and defend your religion or church from the accusations we are making about it.

He is being true to his Catholic theology in pointing to the Jews. How many thousands of times did the believers hear?....Who killed Christ? The Jews killed Christ...

And the role of the Catholics in persecution of Jews and scapegoating of Jews is another layer of terrorism. 

I never understand the whole "hate the Jews because they killed Christ" thing anyways. If Jeebus was not sacrificed, nobody gets saved. It is just stupid on stupid which is what happens when the whole thing is fiction.

That is a good point and even then the historical accuracy of the claim is suspect. And beyond that is a glaring failure in that what the fuck does that have to do with Jews two thousand years after the fact? Is it because we are all born with original sin (a truly fucked up notion that requires religion-think to accept) and therefore guilt for the actions of the past on the innocents of the present is not a stretch? 

The reason I at least did not mention Hitler or the Jews is because the post is about the Catholic Church. I am not sure what dissent has got to do with it but that does not matter as this post asks why the Catholic Church should not be defined as a terrorist organisation.

I know a great many people who were terrorized by priests and left traumatized for most, if not all of their lives. This was compounded by a denial of responsibility and a closing of ranks by the same Church for many years. The victims and survivors of the catholic concentration camps in Ireland have worked hard to be free but many never will be. They had large crucifixes over their gates instead of the words Arbeit macht frei


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