At the invitation of Professor Robert, I'm starting a new thread.

Dr Bob, you are continually trying to draw clear distinctions between Catholicism and other (especially Christian) religions. I grant that Catholics are (a little) different, but, as they still fundamentally believe in the magic, invisible daddy in the sky, there is really NO difference.

Two points: The Bible (whether or not you take it literally) is the foundation of your (and all Christian) religions. A cursory examination of the Bible reveals a SMALL handful of usable tenets along with pages and chapters FULL of utter nonsense. The fact that any religion would base itself upon such a holey book, makes that religion as creditable as Joseph's golden tablets from God which he, unfortunately, misplaced.

God: I will be heartily disagreed with here, but I find the idea of God to be completely understandable. Here we have, at the dawn of civilization, various groups of totally ignorant people trying to put words, meanings, and causes to all manner of things which they couldn't possible understand. Combine this with a clever but ruthless set who have come to realize that, if they ascribed words, meanings, and causes to the world around them, people would actually BELIEVE them (as they no other source of information). These priests could and did use this power to govern the people - insisting that everyone in the tribe bow before them.

Then came the age of knowledge. We could start to actually understand all these things that the priests had, up till then, kept to themselves. As the power base for all civilized people rested with these priests, they were (and, of course, still are) wildly defensive of their position.

There is, however, NO CONCEIVABLE REASON for any educated person to believe in the supernatural - aside from these historic pressures.,

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Maybe I should buy a DVD instead. Oh sweet baby Jesus!!

@Robert - I detract the statement about the priests dying, they were only tortured. So, I was wrong. It does rely on what information one reads. The new pope will be protected from any accusations.

“Dictatorship and Church,” written by journalist who was in Argentina during the dictatorship in 1975-1976, and saw things first hand

He sat on his hands when priests, nuns, journalists and civilians were fighting and disappearing, when they stood against the dictatorship, but not Bergoglio, very similar to your god when people are getting tortured and murdered. People were brave, Bergoglio a coward. The same with the vatican during the second world war, protecting nazis, anybody who was against communisim was their friend and thus protected.

What's the bet, the pope will very soon, visit some of the slums of his homeland, as part of the PR machine, showing that this bloke is a man of the people, where, even if fifty million is not much to the vatican, could help thousands of people in the slum areas of Argentina.

The vatican bank has in cash, over 8 billion dollars, just a bit of that could also be of help.

This is a recently issued international arrest warrant for the new pope.

Good. The last one got away - link


"...criminal organization known as The Vatican."

Word on the street is that the Vatican Gang made a play too deep into Anglican territory, and now the Royals and the Romans are gonna have to rumble in the alleyway. It's gonna be mitre mayhem.

Here is "Whack-a-Pope" - once you get used to using the Noodly Appendage (hint, it is the tip of the Noodle that fires) it's quite addictive.  And once you get to the end of your time limit, there's a page with a link to helpful self-defence tricks for altar boys.

I was careful not to whack an altar boy with my noodly appendage. I wouldn't want to have to turn myself in to the police.

Yep, that's it. It is all coming back to me now - aagghhhhh.

As a child I thought it saved one from anything dangerous or harmful.

If this is not superstitious tripe, I don't know what is.

@Strega - If only.


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