So, we all have Christian friends on FB. (Well, most of us. I do.) And they always post stupid remarks with Bible verses attached, or "Praise Jesus!!! I made it across the street today!" But, very seldom do you ever get an open admittance that the NT is just as bad as the OT. Today, my friend said,

"hahaha ............ I just read a bumper sticker that said "Jesus was a pacifist." Ummmmmm ..... What Bible are you reading??? I'm just sayin!!:) haha"

Haha indeed. So we all agree that the Judeo Christian god is warlike and violent? Yes.

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Either warlike and violent; or more likely they see him as the atypical cliché Republican.

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. lol
The dilemma for monotheism is that god is the catenation of every individual believers notion summed over all history for each individual.

Contrast this with the human subjective experience of "color" and our language for color.
- If a language has two words to describe colors they will point to BLACK and WHITE and each individual will point to a pallette of many colors in like manner to everyone else.

- if a language has three words to describe color they will point to BLACK and WHITE and RED. (the same black, white and red for all)

It goes on up to like eleven or so for languages with that many words. It's very consistent across many populations from many cultures and languages. So something really, really important like the visual information we must get exactly right to make it through a day on the savannas (or the internets), evolution has fixed us up very well.

But we don't need a consistent or logical description of god -- so we don't have one and never ever will.
Who was it that said if Jesus comes back, we'll need to kill him again quickly?
"Praise Jesus!!! I made it across the street today!"

Lol, I love it when people call upon the grace of god for accomplishing the most mundane tasks.
I see this often. A friend of mine on FB remarked how thankful he was that God provided he and his family a hotel and alternate flights when a trip home for Christmas met with delays. He failed to thank those people who actually provided the help or to acknowledge that the system has actually been designed to get travelers to their destinations. Surely, the almighty creator of the Universe needs to help us book hotel rooms and reserve flights.


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