Right.. since no one else opened up this discussion (That I know of.. and if this is a double up, please let me know so I can delete this) I thought I'd throw down on it.
Someone (I can't remember who) had a blog post on the subject, but it is a lot easier to debate things in the forums as opposed to blogs because we have the direct reply-to ability here.

So......Are humans carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?
For me, I think the answer is pretty simple.
I eat plants. I eat animals. I do so liberally, with no digestive issues. My parents did likewise. My grandparents did, too. As far back as recorded history goes, we've eaten both plants and animals. I've traveled the world, and can't think of a single culture that has ever survived as vegans.
I also eat raw meat without any trouble.
I love sashimi. I love all forms of carpaccio. It has never made me sick.

I'm a pretty green person, and I freely admit that meat eating is a huge burden on the earth. I try to balance it out by doing other things, such as walking to work every day instead of driving, ect.
I believe in buying the most responsible animal products possible. I do not condone entire lives lived in cages to produce eggs. The pork I buy comes from a creature that ran around on a farm during it's life. I hunt. I hunt only during hunting season. I don't waste food. It isn't financially or environmentally intelligent.
I don't eat as much meat as I used to, because I realize it is better for me and the entire earth to consume less.
I think that Jonathan Safran is a dick:
Jonathan Safran posits that consideration, as promoted by Michael Pollan in The Omnivore's Dilemma, which has more to do with being polite to your tablemates than sticking to your own ideals, would be absurd if applied to any other belief (e.g., I don't believe in rape, but if it's what it takes to please my dinner hosts, then so be it). (Taken from Natalie Portman's contribution to Huffington Post.)
I think he is a dick because he just compared my cheeseburger eating habits to a woman (or man) being sexually assaulted. For anyone that has ever been sexually assaulted, I'm sure it helps your healing to know that some dipshit out there just found your assailant on par with a kid that loves beef stew. He didn't vilify meat. He shushed down RAPE.
I've lived briefly as a vegetarian while visiting friends and didn't mind it. I feel a lot of respect for people that are willing and able to.
I've had blood tests done, and have absolutely no allergies to any dairy at all.
I like soy milk more than cow milk, and goat milk more than cow (unless it is with brownies, then I like cow milk better than the others.)
Saying humans are the only creatures to drink milk past childhood is laughable to anyone that has ever owned a cat. Lots of animals happily drink milk. We are just the only ones with thumbs to get it without nursing.
I wouldn't be opposed to cannibalism if it wasn't for diseases or law breaking. In fact, I think eating convicts would be a lot cheaper than a costly funeral after execution. (I'm also not strictly pro-death penalty, but only because it costs the state more to get such a punishment as opposed to life imprisonment.)
I've eaten dog.
And liked it both times.
I am very opposed to trawl fishing.
I helped write a textbook on scuba diving spear fishing.
I do not hunt for sport, only food. (If it was a 'sport' then I'd expect the doe to have a fucking gun, too.)

Um... ok. That is all I can think of now!

Put on your gloves and go to town!

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I've eaten boa constrictor. It was pretty tasty. Iguana was okay.

I'm an omnivore. Humans are omnivores. Our teeth, digestive system, and the like are capable of processing both (some) vegetable matter and meat for nourishment. Can we survive on a non-meat diet? Sure. Are we 'supposed' to? No. Is our consumption of meat a little overboard (particularly in the US)? Maybe.

Here's another thing to consider. Humans are predatory animals. We have binocular vision, with both eyes set forward for tracking prey. Herbivores, such as cows, rabbits, sheep, etc, have their eyes set further to the side, allowing them a wider range of vision, suitable for detecting potential predators.

Now, the biological fact that humans evolved to eat meat has nothing to do with any ethical ramifications of that practice, but it is sheer ignorance to assert that humans are 'meant' to be herbivores.

And just to throw a monkey wrench into the moral works, the fact that humans have successfully produced the world's first artificial meat will spark some fine arguments on this topic, I'd think.
Lol, I love how every report I hear or see on the in vitro meat describes the result as "soggy pork." I bet whoever originated that sound byte is being seriously reamed out for the less than flattering portrayal.
Soggy pork? Ewwww.
can I please find someone to disagree with on this web site? I love reading all the posts I can and there are such wonderful, intelligent people, and it's like going down a check list of opinions that I'm in line with (not that I'm intelligent, I try to be informed, my retention is low, and my cognitive is slow..but I get there..)
I thought I was alone in so many of my ideas. Even on meat,,, you guys support me (lol)
And I am learning so much here. Thanx Morgan.
Dave Im going to puke-lol Boa constrictor? Did it taste like chicken?
No, it tasted more like gator. A definite grain in the meat.
Not much to argue here. I'm an omnivore just like everyone else. Many of the vegans, raw food dieters, etc are just the fundies of the food world. In other words, eat what you want, just don't push on me or complain about your health when it doesn't work out.
The problem is, though, that people's dietary choices affect everyone. Global warming, pollution of water systems, waste of water (scarcity of which may be one of the most pressing issues we will face in the next 50 years), antibiotic resistance, and other side effects of animal agriculture are problems that society has to contend with. They're not just consequences experienced by the individuals who choose to consume the products of that industry. Vegans are not fundies. We have factual data to back up our assertion that animal products are wastefully produced and largely unnecessary for human health.
nice post, it's not a subject that I have much passion for, however Amy did flirt with eating no meat for a short period. I made her a variety of non meat dishes.
I trained as a chef for 13 years after school so it was no problem, but the costs of shopping did go up.

II eat meat and I am happy to contiue, however I would have to be some kind of social breakdown for me to cook harry, I would and I would enjoy it if survivial was an issue.

i probably wont add to this, but I watch for a intresting battle between the waring faction in this debate
I do have to add to the above, if and only if there was a breakdown of world social order, I would glady eat humans to survive but this brings up another concern. The area I live in is in between the very affluent Ginnock and the unsavoury arden area. Now to feed the whole family I would have to hunt for the meat and would want the best meat for my family. Question , do I hunt the rich people who will have a better diet or would it matter in thhe short term, I am talking about Taste h
Young ones will be more tender. I'd go for the rich children.
cheers mate, if I am going to feed the family I might as well get the finest cuts. Now what about fat people ?


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