Just read an article in the latest issue of Smithsonian about Carl Sagan. His application was turned down by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences back in 1992. Those against his being selected said his body of work was insufficient compared to other supposedly more eligible astronomers. While he did more than any other scientist, at the time, to promote science and was extremely popular among lay people, was his research in fact lacking and not of the caliber necessary for acceptance by the Academy? 

I was also surprised to learn that he loved marijuana and felt it expanded his thoughts & creativity. A rework of his 'Cosmos' series is to be released in just a few days on Fox. Neal Degrasse Tyson is a big part of this new twist on Cosmos and I look forward to watching it.

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60 minutes every week for me.... the radio telescope project in Chile is gigantic in scale....

Mid-70's as a young, and just released HS student, I took a bus trip around the US. On my most southern point. While I passed through the desert, I noticed this huge dish in the south as I looked between two mountain peaks. I expect that it was one of the dishes from the growing large array in that area. So white and stark against the dark brown rocks and blue sky...
A girl friend used to claim that she was more 'creative' with a few hits. I never noticed it, just as I never could tell about the claim of 'improvement of creativity', with religion or meditation. 'Creativity', is not about ritual or drugs, but for me, it is about experience, exposure(ideas/data/results), openness, beauty/love/childishness, and 'stick-to-it-ness'.

Creativity', is not about ritual or drugs, but for me, it is about experience, exposure(ideas/data/results), openness, beauty/love/childishness, and 'stick-to-it-ness

Some factors on your list of what creativeness IS about are influenced by drugs. One experiences things on drugs which are not possible to experience straight. I don't mean to imply that creativity is not possible without drugs. They just widen the scope of one's experience. Clearly some factors which aid in creativity (like hard work) are impaired by drugs.

I guess the 'DUNE' effect, could be 'true/real', but I do wonder about the 'costs' involved. People who have explored the world deeply, do not always survive unchanged.

I expect that drugs could be a 'tool' for exploration, as much as a good microscope in the right hands. Sadly I have read papers writen by folks that were 'under the influence', which showed some interesting insights, but little that helpful. One fellow I meet several years ago, had an insight into 'time travel', while under the influence of cocaine(he actually wrote this into his notes), and suggested that placing a mobius strip arround two pingpong balls might be a very helpful visualization tool. Sadly my experiments with this offered no immediate effect..;p(. Since I will never be a user, could this be considered a disability?

I guess in hindsight, the 'pingpong ball/mobius strip' idea could be a helpful way to consider the 'cosmic censure' idea that might disallow 'time travel', since the contrary might induce a paradox. Sadly spectulation seems to be at root. I think a fairly recent 'Time' magazine article might be worth revisiting..;p).

Last night I did watch the first hour show of the new 'Cosmos', and was rather impressed. Sadly it seemed to mostly gaga, and little science. While CGI special effects, is a 'science', I do hope it can 'do' science, and not just improve our imagination/visualization skills.   



As an artisan I can attest to the fact that I have experienced, while under the influence of cannabis, creative impulses and ideas that have led to new designs in my medium of wood. On the other hand I would not attempt to bring those creative thoughts into fruition while high, as it interferes with my abilities to make precise measurements and deftly use tools. 



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