Sorry for the strange and slightly out of nowhere discussion, but over the past few months I have had the great privilege of getting to read most of Mr Sagan's books: Cosmos, Pale Blue Dot, Demon Haunted World, Dragons of Eden..., and, the most recent of which, Billions and Billions (yes, I missed Contact, that will be for a time when I can read such a massive book haha). Throughout that whole last book, I was amazed that he was putting together so many social issues that we face still today in some respects and offer up suggestions as to how to approach those problems, all the while dealing with a major disease that I didn't really understand. It wasn't until the last chapter, where he explained what was going on, that suddenly all of the previous chapters hit me. Here he was, a man looking death in the face, and yet he was still offering up ways in which humanity could bring itself back from the brink. I have to say, it was the most emotional I've ever gotten from a book, especially his wife's epilogue. I guess, really, what I'm trying to get at here is, how many of you have read his works? And from that, what have you learned, what have you loved or felt. It's emotional time here at TA, and I just have to say: Thank you Carl Sagan for being the intelligent voice amid rooms full of invisible dragons.

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I've enjoyed all of his books, and "Cosmos",  Hope his successor Neil DeGrasse Tyson is as good!


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