Ever have days when you have a certain song that invades your brain that just won't quit? Sometimes it might be the latest download you made from itunes, or some stupid song that gets embedded without your consent!

Share you current musical obsession... What are you listening to these days?

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Thanks for the kind words Jean Marie. Dan loved music and art and it was certainly part of the reason I fell in love with him, but we were not young anymore at the time we met. I was 36 and he was 37, and we had both done a lot of living long before we met one another. He was a sensitive soul, but he had a hardened exterior that he kept up even with me most of the time, but not always.

Dan's absolute favorite musician was Leo Kotkke, who I knew about and loved before I met him. Dan was rather impressed with that because few knew about Kottke, he was a musician's musician. And yes, Dan was able to play this tune I'm posting and many more by Kottke.

Thanks so much for that Sydni – your husband was clearly very gifted if this piece is representative of the kind of technique he worked on! It sounds like Bensusan even bends the harmonic at 2.57 - I've never heard anyone do that before, and I've got no idea how he did it. And how many grace notes does he pack into the piece? I lost count - amazing. I like the famous Aussie guitarist John Williams - here he explains and demonstrates the tremolo effect on one of my favourites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVFncQADvc&feature=related (from 2.00)
Wow, a classic! I never heard of him, but of course his talent is beyond.
Okay Jean Marie, for a song which can "change your entire mood", take a trip with me back to 1985 and the Style Council! Paul Weller (lead singer/songwriter) had just co-founded 'The Red Wedge' with other UK bands to try and get people to vote Labour, and it was the beginning of the END of right-wing politics!!! I still listen to this...is that pathetic?
Never heard this before.... Really enjoyed it! Thanks Rod.
I agree with Michel - fantastic song! Great tune, great lyrics. Love the energetic strings in it. And I LOVE the manic intensity of the piano player!! His facial contortions at the beginning are hilarious and a little frightening at the same time! And why is he crouching on his piano bench at the end? I love the eccentricity!!
Thanks all for confirming that I'm RIGHT in living in the past! - 25 years ago to be precise. Oh well, my nephews and their friends say almost all of today's music is crap, and they mostly prefer stuff written before they were born - always asking my brother and me for new suggestions. How about this other political one which was also very popular here, and begins with the classic lines "You don't have to take this crap! You don't have to sit back and relax! You can actually try changing it" and it only gets better/funnier... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1H8lkkOrhw&fmt=18 (can't embed it with sound)
"Dancing in the Moonlight" (the Toploader version) never fails to get me moving and grooving! One of my favorite all-time songs. It's very often stuck in my head - not sure if that's because it's particularly catchy or if I just listen to it an obsessive number of times per week! (The video sucks for this, by the way. They didn't do the music justice with the boring video!)

Wow, fantastic stuff, Michel! Loved your animation for Moonbounce! (And Depression Royale was amazing, too!)
Do you do the animation as work or play? (Or both?)
Even if you are not an opera buff, this short aria has to be extraordinarily beautiful to anyone's musical appreciation...

This performance was "LONDON FAREWELL CONCERT"
at Royal Festival Hall, London, 26 November 1973. Maria Callas sings the aria of Lauretta from Opera "Gianni Schicchi" (part of "Trittico") by Maestro Giacomo Puccini.
Yeah, a beee-autiful pick Sydni! I love melodies like this that convey such emotion and are reasonably complicated - though I'm not suggesting complexity = quality, and I acknowledge the subjectivity of much discussion about music! I sometimes like grooves and atmosphere, but I get most interested in melodic & harmonic variation, and a piece with a variety of sections (as long as the sections cohere with each other).

Opera also raises the (interesting to me!) question of the use of vibrato when singing - I think in this piece it really works, though the constant vibrato in opera is something that strikes my ear as often overdone, and generally I reckon singers who use it sparingly can achieve a closer emotional connection with the listener. I really love the melody of this next one, it's a RIPPER live performance, and fascinating too - a 16 yr-old Chloe Agnew in 2005 deliberately sings with NO vibrato at all (though she usually does use it), and softly, both of which make it more difficult to hold a note - both length and pitch. I'd LOVE to ask her why she chose to do it in such an unusual way - she sounds sort of like a boy-soprano, only she has much warmer tones I think. But the control! What a prodigy. And er... excuse the religious flavour!


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