Ever have days when you have a certain song that invades your brain that just won't quit? Sometimes it might be the latest download you made from itunes, or some stupid song that gets embedded without your consent!

Share you current musical obsession... What are you listening to these days?

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Great song Michel, and a great movie - is that country? I've got no idea. I also tend to think of some of the Eagles (Tequila Sunrise, New Kid in Town) as country, and some of Chris Isaak too. Jean Marie, you've got to enlighten me how to differentiate. Anyway, how's this for a cracker of a country song - a great feel, and a guitar solo where I don't want a note left out - it's so much more than the aural wallpaper you often hear, and yet it beautifully fits in with and even adds to the feel!
Many people immediately also dismiss opera (and classical music)... Know ANY young kid or teenager that likes it (or most adults either for that matter)? It's rare. My mom used to play opera in the house all the time when I was young so I did develop a taste for it, and my daughter and I have gone to the opera in NYC a few times. Allegra does enjoy listening to some operas, but none of her friends have been exposed to it, so they think it's just yuck.

Do any of you remember watching cartoons when you were little where they played classical music in the background? At least the kids way back then, were exposed to the most famous classical pieces just by watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, and became familiar with their melodies at least.

And of course there was Disney's FANTASIA, which I loved when I was young saw when it first came out in the theaters.

What a fantastic bunch of clips Sydni! My fave was the Waltz of the Flowers - how GOOD was animation in those days (quality of drawing and frames per second)? Drawings seem to have a potential for warmth that some CGI doesn't. Yeah, there were several funny Warner cartoons I remember which featured opera/classical - one classic where Bugs (I think) was the conductor insisting a singer hold and hold a note, and I seem to remember a cartoon where the notes were the characters. Classical music is an interesting subject, as is opera, but I won't go on about either because I had to study them at uni! Of the many indispensable cultural contributions the US has made to the world, this cartoon is right up there (it features many timeless classic songs, so it's kind of relevant to this thread!)
And I can't talk cartoons shorts without including my all-time fave - my excuse is it briefly features a song I've always loved - 'Ain't She Sweet'.
Well, I promised I wouldn't go on about classical music, but let me put up just part of the first movement (they didn't upload the whole) of my fave piano concerto - Rachmaninoff's famous 2nd. (This piece was used quite a bit in 'The Seven Year Itch', and Eric Carmen used the 2nd movement as the basis for 'All By Myself' - which I think was an improvement). Certainly the classical genre and style of composing has significant problems - in my view primarily because they had too much time to fill, resulting in quite a lot of filler between 'the good bits'. But still, I reckon the good bits or best themes from the best composers were pretty good - I really like the 2nd theme in this movement, beginning at 2.36 - see what you think!
I actually just recently got into this experimental electronic project named Conjure One, headed by Rhys Fulber who worked on Delerium. It's not my normal taste, and I have no real reason why I like it, but I do anyway. Here's my favorite track off their first album:

Hi Allegra, Manic Star has really grown on me – it's atmospheric, a great rich sound and beat, I like the shift into the major section at 1.49 after being based in a minor key, and I love the bridge most of all at 3.02 - I wish they'd played with that for longer or repeated it somewhere! I quite like this song 'Half Light' - although it doesn't have the interest of Manic Star, aspects are reminiscent – the clip is just a still image unfortunately.

Another 'atmospheric' kind of song I like is one by the electronic housey sort of band 'Groove Armada' – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Q74-rRyB8&feature=fvst - which coincidentally features a sample of someone I believe is one of your mum's all-time favourite singers - Patty Page. The mood suits a lazy day at the beach, and I also like the trombone (I think it is) sound, but the clip's pretty crap.

And I have one record of electronic band 'Air' which has a few decent songs – this one's not very electronic-ey, but I like the mood.
Pffft. Most of my earworms are theme songs of cartoons. I don't think you'll want me to post mine. But currently I can't get Five Finger Death Punch's version of Bad Company out of my head.
Hey Mario, I agree with you about the potency of cartoon themes - especially some of the older shows. I liked that cover - have you ever listened to much of 'Bad Company' the band, who had the original 'Bad Company' song? Here's a great live version of one of my favourite songs of theirs
Here's one a friend posted the other day..and it just stayed with me. It sounds like Ozzy is channeling John Lennon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbJqswLi3uE
Thanks for the Ozzy clip Wesley - I didn't know he had it in him still, or that he sang those kind of songs! You make a great point about how the song fits with Lennon's sort of genre - I can really hear this as a Lennon single, with the sort of chords used, the lyrics of course, and the quite complex arrangement with the strings etc. Although I'm not a huge fan of Ozzy's voice I think the song itself is better written than most of what Lennon wrote solo, apart from Imagine, Happy Christmas/war is over, and Watching the Wheels.
I was just on meandering around Facebook and came across this video called, Climate Change--BAHRAIN 15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCP0stBepaU&feature=related that is very well done. The music is particularly beautiful, and I was able to locate the song on Youtube for your listening pleasure....

Song: "El Rey de Francia"
Artist: Azam Ali
Album: Portals of Grace
Year: 2002

Want to know more about this artist? LINK
Michel it is from religious sources:

"The band doesn’t mind if listeners aren’t fully aware of the cultural significance of the music and lyrics either; their focus goes beyond that. As Azam Ali points out, the sacred nature of the texts makes them a surprisingly good fit for Western dance music. "The common thread [when listening to Sufi, trance or dance songs] is putting yourself in a higher state."

Still, I find her voice and the music quite beautiful, and since I can't understand the lyrics in most of her music, it doesn't bother me that it is 'spiritual'. She has recorded on Narada, a US 'New-Age' music company.


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