Is it ever possible to heal or are you forever scarred and changed. I understand the whole "from victim to survivor" mentality that you eventually rise above it and you learn to accept it and move on....

I just don't know anymore. I've seen and experienced too much and through it all have yet to know what it feels like to be healed. I have tried everything. I mean everything....except converting to Islam. Maybe I'll try that next...

I'm wondering if anyone here can say they are "healed" from their own past trauma. Is there a silver lining somewhere?

I think I've re-embraced religion and willing to try just about anything out of desperation. But now it's making me more desperate. People tell me all the time how smart I am and how I shouldn't under value myself. I'm trying to reprogram my mind. It's all in the mind. All of it.

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Well, keep at it. At least it's in the mother-tongue, English. The risk here is taking it a word at a time, whereby sooner or later Challenger will be exposed in front of the people, for indeed there are others that are grasping the discourse.

In synch with Chopra's idea that the will can break through a drug....

"The will, because it cannot devour, becomes a will to destroy."
(Ludwig Klages, Science of Character)

Fronkey seems knowledge compromised in understanding the becoming-space of time and the becoming-time of space: "We (are [italics]) meaning." (Jean-Luc Nancy, The Gravity of Thought)

Fronkey's "grasped for only a second" is the cynical and reactionary pathology of the closed circle:

'The deepest reason why there cannot be a closed circle is the constitution of time. The interval of time divides everything in advance and makes it impossible for anything to be closed in itself. Without the interval of time there would be neither gift nor economy, since there would be nothing separating the moment of giving from the moment of receiving.....Accordingly when Derrida asserts that the gift we desire exceeds the order of knowledge, it is not because the gift we desire belongs to a noumenal beyond. On the contrary, the gift we desire exceeds the order of knowledge because it is a gift of time, which is unpredictable and cannot be reduced to a given presence.'
(Haegglund, Radical Atheism: Derrida and the Time of Life)


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