I ask the question in the title because I am curious about your answers.  I was having a conversation with my father a month ago.  We were having a lengthy conversation about a variety of things and at each turn of the conversation he revealed himself to be a bitter old cuss who clearly discounted and dismissed anything her could not understand.  Thus, I asked him: "Must you always understand something in order to enjoy it?  Or, can you enjoy something without the profound need or desire to understand it?"  The questions stumped him; he did not know how to answer, and when he tried, his answers most often avoided an answer - even the most simple yes or no.  I posit this question to you all because I have seen some remarks on here that seem to follow the logic that nothing can be enjoyed unless it is understood.  Theology need not apply to this discussion, but you are welcome to use it in the framework of your answer (though I would prefer to know your thoughts without it).

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One word: sex.

Sure, pick the easy one.

... :-D

I enjoy the company of women, but I do not understand them!

we don't understand our selves some days lol.

Simple answer is yes. You can feel things though art and music and not completely understand why you enjoy them. Part of enjoying something is learning about it. I didn't have a clue about physics when I started learning about it. There's still tons I don't know. Yet when the higgs boson was found I was excited because it opened all kinds of new questions. what does it do? why does it? How can we use this to improve our knowledge of the universe? Some times life is enjoying the ride while you figure out things.

Fascination is an enjoyment of sorts, and what fascinates more than the unknown?


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