I read a reply by Laura Foster and at the end of the point it said "Beliefs, however, deserve all the criticism they get."

It got me thinking, i know some people don't see atheism as a belief (as such) but supposing we do can we criticise it, do you think it can at times be worthy of criticism?

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I'm not sure how to put it, how do you view atheism? Do you look at it as a way of life, a mindset, a conclusion from evidence you have viewed etc . . .

Just interested =)

Sure you can attempt to criticize Atheism.  No person and no belief or lack of belief should ever be special in that regard.  The way to a mature understanding of the world is through questioning and debate and opposing viewpoints.  


So with that said I am also interested in knowing how one may criticize Atheism.  One could say we are too skeptical and or we tear the inspiration out of Love when we materialize it ... but to me that is not important because I would rather something be true and not care what the consequence is. I think most atheists would agree with certain things like skepticism and materialism , etc if not more categories of philosophy / thought.  

Maybe religious people would be more open to new ideas or even lose their religion if they criticised it, even just a little. Or if they criticised religious organisations "this is what is wrong, so lets try and fix it-" Rather then defending it so fervently, progress could be made and people would recognize it.

well there you go folks!

great comment

Until I'm going to be able to come up with such great words, I'm just going to agree with Kris.


Atheists know more about religious than theists.. theists can criticize and beat each others beliefs. BUT when it came to atheism, they will absolutely fail and science will always win.



Strong Atheists can criticize the weak ones.

Anything can be criticized.


You can't criticize atheism itself but maybe the reasons for it. Atheism on its own is a void, a lack of belief in God. You really can't criticize something that just isn't there. However, you can criticize the reasons for it. For example you really shouldn't be an atheist just because your wife ran off with a minister. But the atheism itself is a bit like criticizing zero for being too much or too little.
there isn't much to criticize when we only have one thing in common. and that's the lack of belief in a god. it's the complete default stance on the issue..
No its not sacred, in fact, it's not anything. It's a void; a lack of belief in God. The reasons for that lack of belief are open to criticism but the atheism itself is not.
No matter what some reference materials state, atheism does not really exist.

All us atheists are not of one mind, we criticise each other constantly. It's the very nature of being a critical thinker.

When studying the origin of the word atheism, we see that the English language borrowed it from the French language. But in French the word atheist preceded the word atheism. IMO that was one of the great semantic errors of history, along with the 'virgin' Mary not having been a 'virgin' but simply a young woman.


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