I read a reply by Laura Foster and at the end of the point it said "Beliefs, however, deserve all the criticism they get."

It got me thinking, i know some people don't see atheism as a belief (as such) but supposing we do can we criticise it, do you think it can at times be worthy of criticism?

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This is exactly why I like atheism; because it is grounded in logic in it's 'belief.'
You can defend it with empirical evidence and pure logic.
Not many other belief systems share this quality.

I think everything that one believes in should hold up to any kind of scrutiny and STILL make sense.
It's hard to tear apart atheism; it's easy as pie to tear apart Christianity.

I'm careful about using belief and logic in the same sentence... they are fundamentally antithetical. When it comes down to evidence and scientific experiments, it's not a matter of belief, I trust (sometimes it's not the case) that the evidence and/or results were obtained honestly, without conflict of interest or bias on the part of the investigator.


I only use the word belief for opinion content of issues that are plausible but undecided.


Tearing apart Christianity is only a success in your own mind of perceptions. In the real world, one does not tear apart Christianity. Christianity finds our opinion of them quite irrelevant, except in the war for public spaces. Christianity lives on and thrives, if not in your village, then in someone else's. The best we can do is push against them, and cause them to lose ground.

Don't forget everyone atheism isn't open to criticism but it can't be defended either. Atheism isn't based on anything; it's a belief that just isn't there.  Some people have said they like atheism because it’s based on reason, science and logic and so on but that's not true; theists just haven't live up to their burden of proof. Logic and science have proved this but science and reason is not the source of our unbelief but our skepticism, curiosity and resistance to suggestion is.  Most of  us are anti-religion but that's not atheism either.

Also, saying science is faulty is a red herring in this case, even if science was totally bogus who cares? Atheism itself is still not open to criticism.

Atheism is not a belief. Atheists don't rely on beliefs to construct their world vision, well at least not the ones I respect. Atheism cannot be criticised anymore than we 'criticise' god, neither exists.

However atheists can be criticised, there is plenty of bad science and un-learned self proclaimed atheists who say just as many lies as theists (albeit not too many, or so I wish). Hopefully our general scepticism keeps tabs on such folks.


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