I just read an article on CBS news which is disgustingly full of deception and lies. 

It is entitled:  "Stephen Hawking bashes religion, but what does new paper say about God?"  Steven Hawking announced that there is no way there could be a creator of the universe.  The article can be found here: 





Also CBS had another deceptive news cast that made a little black boy appear to want to have a gun and be a criminal when he actually said he wanted to be a police officer but they cut that part out. Of course there is the Rupert Murdoch media empire, all of which I no longer view or take seriously.  The Washington Post is reaching the same lows of Fox News. 


What sources can we trust?  I have a few websites I go to for secular and unbiased news.  Does anyone else feel as if we are being filled with lies more and more and deceptive news? 



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He won and that's all that matters. In general the peoples on the north side of the great Beer-Wine divide is hostile towards religion in general. Islam just makes an easy target because it's stationary.

Side note: Incidentally, burning a flag is the correct way of deposing of it and none really gets offended. If anyone drag flags through the mud, on the other hand....

The WBC were harrassing the families of fallen soldiers at funerals. This is a much different case than expressing free speech on an opinion expressed through a newspaper or media.

You are a funny guy Arcus...and I am still disappointed you haven't watched Sleeper Cell yet...just watch the first 2-episodes and I promise you will be hooked man...it is nothing like that stupid show 24...Sleeper Cell was my favorite TV series I have ever watched...you will LOVE IT...trust me

First I have to make my way through 'How I met your Mother', which I find to be a highly relatable show. But recently a bit busy (6-8 hr/day) following the debt crisis since it has a substantial impact on my job. Hopefully, when the sun becomes scanter and girls dresses less so, I'll have a bit more free time. Plus, of course, I have 26 paid vacay days I seem unable to use... ;)

"inciting hatred against a specific group."

As far as I recall he's fairly good at separating between criticisms of religion and the religious, though muslims have a tendency to become insulted when held accountable by crimes made in the name of Islam by other muslims. It's kinda like how catholics get offended when we remind them that Hitler was one of them...

Yes, but in turn the PVV is actually actively suppressing freedom of speech. It has for example successfully pressed their VVD and CDA colleagues for the cancellation of the Willem Arondeus lecture by Thomas van der Dunk on the grounds that they suspected it would be too critical of the PVV.

I don't follow Dutch politics that closely but that is not suppressing free speech - that is simply playing politics.

Ah okay. If the PVV stifles opposition it's playing politics, if it's the other way around it's supporting al Qaida.

Ok then, from Reporters without borders:

The 20th freest, as measured by reporters themselves. Presuming a reality in the middle, then 17th in the world.

But everybody knows Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders are antisemitic antiamericanic jihadist organizations, bunch of treehugging islamophilic wankers.

Don't speak for me when I hinted no such thing.

I feel you man. I'll take the flack for you as an inhabitant of a much freer country.

(I mean I can burn an American flag too if I want.)

I don't think that's legal in Holland if I am not mistaking.


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