I just read an article on CBS news which is disgustingly full of deception and lies. 

It is entitled:  "Stephen Hawking bashes religion, but what does new paper say about God?"  Steven Hawking announced that there is no way there could be a creator of the universe.  The article can be found here: 





Also CBS had another deceptive news cast that made a little black boy appear to want to have a gun and be a criminal when he actually said he wanted to be a police officer but they cut that part out. Of course there is the Rupert Murdoch media empire, all of which I no longer view or take seriously.  The Washington Post is reaching the same lows of Fox News. 


What sources can we trust?  I have a few websites I go to for secular and unbiased news.  Does anyone else feel as if we are being filled with lies more and more and deceptive news? 



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Believe nothing that you hear, and only one half that you see


E. A. Poe

Al Jazeera


You must use your brain and judge a news article on the news article itself. In fact, foxnews.com often provides great and unbiased news - foxnews.com news is not foxnews.com opinionated news program and ironically foxnews.com provides great science news such as this one: Building Blocks of DNA Found in Meteorites from Space

In fact, most of their articles and provided by the Associated Press. So of course foxnews.com has biased opinion pieces - but my whole point was people should have an open mind and judge the article itself rather than be ideologues and have preconceived notions about everything.

I seen that about the little black boy, it is really sad. I don't trust the media all the time....that's why you have to do some further research after you hear something from the news haha.

Trust nothing completely and always dig deeper into stories and purported facts before forming an opinion.


My rule of thumb is that if a news story doesn't link to sources, then it is not reliable.  If a news story does link to sources, then they must be followed up on if I care about the subject and wish to form an opinion based on that story.  Often, I find that multiple sources and constant exposure to issues lends an understanding of those issues and the story itself.


I have sources that I trust more than others and that I vet less because they have proven reliable.  This does not mean that they always will be.  But, we can only investigate so much and process so much information before it becomes crippling. Finding a practical median is essential.

Can I suggest that any news source is fine. The problem is the inability of many people to think critically about what they see, read or hear. If the point of news is to inform you of an event, all newscasts are equal. If you are looking for analysis, you have to do your own footwork, slogging through opinions and articles, but the basic story is always there for the taking. What you get a lot is the "human interest" bullshit - interviews about how people "feel" about the news. Indications of motives and reactions from witnesses and experts...you think you need that, but you really don't. If you WANT it, again, you can do your own footwork.


We all need to stop blaming other people for not doing what we want. Politicians are voted for by us. Newscasts cater to us. The movies that get made, the music that gets played, the food in the shops and the cars on the streets are all what we want. If we are angry about that, we need to start beating the shit out of ourselves first. Then our neighbors. Then our communities. Then our nation. And then we need to get it fucking right. But that is our job, not someone else's.

Beautiful insight Chris.

I find all american news channels seem to have an agenda,they either support republican views or democratic views and that's the way they tilt it,news should be just news, just the facts on what has or is happening in the world,no more or less.The only news channel in the U.S which tells it how it is,is that TYT channel on YouTube.News should really be independent like the B.B.C has and always will be,as we the public pay for it in the licence fee.The other thing I've noticed with the U.S news is how it lines the news with it's own foreign policy,e.g Israel and Palestine.The majority of Americans haven't got a clue of who the real oppressor is in that conflict,and their own country has used it veto power 32 times to stop any real progress being made against the wishes of the rest of the world in this matter.If it had an independent news channel I think a lot of Americans would be actually shocked at what the real story is,with out it's usual spin.

We have the most free media in the world.

Don't confuse free with corrupt.

Which censures books that have been written outside of the U.S.A. so they do not offend those with "American values". 

Take Douglas Adams, for example.  The American version of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy leaves out some of the funniest material, because the publishers thought it damage the books sales in the U.S.  Few Americans even know that things like this are censored.


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