We  have so many idle genes .

If , for example , scientist manage to make a chicken have teeth by activating those genes responsible for making teeth grow , does it also mean that they can also make humans have wings by activating some idle genes ? if our ancestors could fly , this then means that we still keep those flying genes , and if some brilliant scientist manage to spot those genes then Redbull will go bankrupt :D 

  Donne please reply

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A boyfriend and girlfriend scientist with their team first make a new creature, boy and girl, out of spliced animal DNA for a big corporation and get semi famous. 

Company wants them to continue with this study, but the guys girlfriend wants to start splicing human and animal DNA.  So they secretly start this experiment with no ones knowledge and it gets outta hand.  Creepiness ensues.


Thanks IrOnman for the link and summary , I appreciate it
Who says we have idle genes? We have junk DNA, but by definition that DNA doesn't code for any genes. 
yeah thanx , I am not a scientics  !!  But I think that the idea behind my point was delivered .


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