We  have so many idle genes .

If , for example , scientist manage to make a chicken have teeth by activating those genes responsible for making teeth grow , does it also mean that they can also make humans have wings by activating some idle genes ? if our ancestors could fly , this then means that we still keep those flying genes , and if some brilliant scientist manage to spot those genes then Redbull will go bankrupt :D 

  Donne please reply

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thanks Nelson
4. Fliers use their arms, their hands, and especially their fingers to support their wings. And while wings are cool, both birds and bats are ill-equipped to play the piano, which is cool too.
you know what is cool ? it's you  Jaume !! remember the apostrophe in ' its' ? :-)
so Jaume , you wanna say that flying is sth probable for human ??
Did I say that? It's about as probable as playing the piano is for birds. Or baseball for bats.
which means it's probable ??
I agree. You can't play video games with wings. I demand that geneticists find the gene for magical levitation. Its almost as good as flying.
maybe wings similar to Archaeopteryx's would do , replacing claws with thumbs would make us all happy !
Just watched Splice the other night and this question kind of reminds me of that.  I'm sure with enough genetic tinkering anything is possible.  How horrible the outcome might be is another matter.
That was a cool movie. The sex scene was rather creepy though.

Yeah was trying not to leave any spoilers. lol

I thought there was gonna be a lot more horror, blood, and guts in it.  Was actually quite refreshing for a sci fi/horror flick.

funny thing is that I haven't watched the movie !! what's it about ?


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