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Apple schnapps body shots?
Dan is correct on this one.
Why do men have nipples?!
Stimulatin' pleasure spots.
Men can actually breast feed, I swear. lol, soooo maybe we have nipples in the event that the mother is unable to, we step in ;) lol
I was mostly being silly, but I didn't know men could "breast feed". Lol, that's interesting.
well you have to remember that these are paintings by man/woman,not divine scripture on the other hand ive thought about thisbefore:(didadam and eve have belly buttons?)my free thinking answerwould be that they probably didnt because they weren't born the way me and you were, but they couldve had them because they were the "prototype" so to speak, of all humans,and they seem to have been created as adults or close to it,PEACE!!!!!


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