Can believers be relied on for jury service given their willigness to believe insane things with ZERO evidence?

I was thinking about embarking on a scintillating life of crime but the idea of being judged by people who believe stuff that is fantastical on zero evidence, because a bloke in a dress (generally) tells them they should, is starting to put me off.

What guarantee is there of a fair trial if faced with a jury of someone else's peers?

Are the proceeds of crime worth the risk of not finding the jury populated exclusively by TA members?

In other parts of the world, do you get the chence to affirm in Court, or do you have to swear on a ridiculous work of fiction? Do you feel, especially in the US, that if you affirm you will have an automatic black mark in the eyes of your (apparently) predominantly god squad population?

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I presume you are talking about testifying.

The accused cannot be required to testify here in the US. Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

However, if you are in fact guilty of the crime it probably won't bother you which oath you take as you lie like a rug on the witness stand.

Well I was thinking just in general, during a Court hearing against one of my legion ex husbands I was asked if I wanted to swear or affirm, I affirmed and he made a huge play of how if I was a decent god fearing person I would have sworn on the bible like him.

Luckily I don't believe in god, but yes, if he was proven to exist and all the monkeying around in the bible were true, he would scare the living shit out of me!

However, if you are in fact guilty of the crime it probably won't bother you which oath you take as you lie like a rug on the witness stand.

I disagree. There's numerous crimes that can be committed without requiring the perpetrator to be a liar.

True that.  But I was thinking of those other crimes, and as I said, I doubt the nature of the oath would affect your willingness to lie.  It also, to try to bring in your point, wouldn't affect your willingness to tell the truth.

the nature of the oath wouldn't affect your willingness to lie

Yes, that's a better way of putting it.

I hope the difference in rules would make that kind of conflict less of a problem than you make it.

There are no ten commandments or book of rules to prejudge a defendant in a jury trial, other than listening to the facts presented and making a judgement based on that evidence alone.  No magic involved.  Can you picture a lawyer getting up before any judge or jury claiming that his client is "not guilty because the devil made him do it" ?    That defense would get him disbarred. 
There have been several well publicized cases lately, here in the States,  of people who claimed that "god told me to do it".  
They were all convicted, or soon will be, of their crimes according to the law of the land : NOT the laws in their bibles.
Be assured that whatever heinous deed you were plotting, whether in your country or mine, will be  the responsibility of you alone - with no leniency granted by a member of the spirit world. 

But if you believe in one of the magic books wouldn't that supercede whatever instructions the judge gave you as to the law?

I was thinking of an all over international crime spree...

If it's going to be a very lucrative and headline grabbing international event, you can count me in !  Might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

What nation do you hope to be caught, and therefore tried in?
  ( pray hard that it's not North Korea or Iran ) 

Where do you expect to be judged by a jury of your peers , outside your homeland? 
Would it matter if their magic books are unfamiliar to you?  In certain countries, wearing a Gucci pants suit to your trial would be grounds for 100 lashes - or worse.  
- would you even know the rules of engagement? 

On second thought : being thrown into a Mongolian deep freeze jail sort of dampens the thrill of whatever you had planned.  I must withdraw my previous offer.

Well, I can't say that I am not terribly disappointed by your change of heart!

I think my objection would be to anyone of any kind of religious faith because they simply cannot understand evidence.

I'd say go for it. Murder everyone. Then you won't have to worry about being judged at all. Even by fantastical zealots. 

In US ya can affirm rather than swear. Voir dire aint the same here as it is over there. (cheap punk-assed cigarette hijacking rhyme time bitches)

It would indeed surprise the likes of me if your swearing did not lead to coffee or tea. But affirming separates you from them and battens eyebrows, clears throats...ahem. Be objective says the judge...but that aint what a godman does.

If anyone is REALLY Christian and swears on a Bible to be truthful, I would expect them to be truthful.

If they are REALLY Christian, that is. 

But anyone, religious or not, can approach the stand ready to lie.


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