Do you think there are other reason that lead people to become homophobic? And if so, can atheists be homophobic?

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You do have a point, but still it can be unconvincing. Humans have flipped and scrambled the laws of nature and evolution. We no longer have this strong urge to procreate I guess
Good point! ;)
You seem so cool for someone who believe that homosexuals are unnatural!

I must say i find the idea of homophobic atheists a strange one. I am a heterosexual atheist and i cant see any rational reason for homophobia or any form of group discrimination. Group dynamics tells us that the root cause could be something like competition for resources or misattributed in group hostility so perhaps the cause is something unknown and religion (since it is generally so homophobic) is just an easy validation for it.


I tend to enjoy the Freudian standpoint that people are homophobic because they refuse to acknowledge their own latent homosexuality and so express angert towards homosexuals who challenge their defence mechanisms. I love this for 2 reasons, firslty for Freuds blatant rejection of the idea of boxing sexuality into homosexual vs heterosexual instead arguing for a range with people falling somewhere between the 2. Also because lots of people who are homophobic hate the mere suggestion that it is because they are suppressing homosexual tendencies, which just adds weight to Freud's argument.

People will be prejudiced to other people no matter what they believe or don't believe. As long as our laws are unbiased and free from prejudice, everyone has the opportunity to at least try to live a happy life... We've got a long way to go.

Atheists can be everything but religious! Even homophobic!

I think that if you are a true Atheist, you should not be homophobic or racist or sexist ect. ect. If you are that means your mind is still influenced from what are the morals and ethics you parents, school, or the society you live in taught you. Speaking for myself I am none of these above. People can do whatever they like in their life. It's their life and can do whatever they please. But I repeat, you can't be a true Atheist if you think on bigotry terms. My opinion, anyway!!!

As a true Athiest you are a non beliver in matters of religion. End of story.Stop reading anything more into the definition and please stop trying to add your personal virtues to the Athiest label.If being a true Athiest encompasses all of the virtues you personally subscribe to then I will have to re-evaluate if I am an Athiest or not.

All true atheists share your opinion on Gods.

All good atheists share your opinion on bigotry. :)

@sarsare lol, homosapiens are omnivores and as we are of this planet we are and everything we and every other species does is natural, we are part of nature, tis all part of evolution, life etc - I'm talking about biological behaviour here btw - not science etc in that we have stepped away from the natural order of things and perverted them, we also go against natural selection etc, so as a species we may be de-evolving lol (joke kinda)
Atheism doesn't prevent stupidity or ignorance or anything else..... so why should homophobia be any different?   I' would bet there are some atheist homophobes.
Yes. I have the great misfortune of having met several.


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