Do you think there are other reason that lead people to become homophobic? And if so, can atheists be homophobic?

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That's some healthy and mature thinking! I wish all the straight males felt this way instead of being threatened.
Yeah and I wish all the females thought this way too when I approach them , flirt a little and then get rejected! lol
Yes, because we live in a judo-christian-islamic culture that is very homophobic, whether or not we believe in any of the above religions over the last 3 millenia their influence has ruled the world, hence the pervading homophobia of atheists. For instance when Greece and Rome ruled the known world then, their religions didn't have a problem with it and so neither did the people whether they believed in the Gods or not, and there were atheists back then too. Also in todays society it apparently it makes you less of a man, whereas back then more of a man lol, as women were regarded as men gone slightly wrong lol! Religion still has power over peoples beliefs whether they believe in God or not as it used to be the law of the land, and had more authority than the sovereigns of the land well until Henry VIII, God rest his soul lol! Although in general I find atheists to be open minded, tolerant and intelligent enough to realise it's just part of nature!
Yeah unfortunately religion is affecting society in many aspects! It's got this heavy and felt legacy all around us
There can still be atheist homophobes, depending on people's beliefs. My parents are atheists and they hate everyone that isn't them, including homosexuals. I think homosexuality is unnatural but I have no problem with it or with their rights; I have many gay friends who I support so I'm not homophobic. But there are homophobic atheists, just like there are religious vegans.
Errr sorry, but how can you not be homophobic if you think homosexuals are unnatural? Also have you told any of your 'friends' you think they're unnatural lol?

I don't think the person is unnatural. I'm just saying. Personally, I can't imagine having sex with the same gender, but that's my personal preference; I'm sure that homosexuals feel the same way about having sex with the opposite gender. That doesn't make anyone a bad person. Most of the things that humans do is unnatural. Humans eat meat which is physiologically unnatural for humans (look it up if you don't believe me, cause I'm not getting into an argument over it on here). People do kinky things in the bedroom that is unnatural that I wouldn't personally do. Humans build houses and societies and create money, they send earthbound species to the moon and to the bottom of the ocean. It's just what we do. I really don't mean to offend anyone, I have no problem with homosexuality, I'm just saying it's outside the conformity of society (which is not a bad thing) which makes them subject to the bias of people.

And yes, they do, because they know I don't think ill of them because of their preferences- because I don't "think they're unnatural."

You can certainly have the viewpoint of homosexuality being unnatural without having negative feelings, bias, or contempt towards them. I consider homosexuality unnatural in the sense that in order for a species to flourish and procreate there has to be a female/male interaction. I may be off base here and I don't have a formal education in this area but would it be wrong to consider homosexuality an anomaly? Looking at it strictly on a biological level without emotions or religious conditioning entering into the equation.
@Ed 7 @saresare : I just wonder about your definitions of "unnatural" and "anomaly." Homosexual behaviors happen in many species besides man, including couples that live together throughout their lifespans. Tool building happens in many species besides man and home building as well (underground nests, beaver dams, bird nests, McMansions). Some heterosexual humans will marry and may choose never to become parents. Humans swim but don't have fins or gills. Are these all "unnatural" and "anomalies?" What makes it natural? Gathering nuts and berries and eating a raw food diet, living in a cave and sh__ing in the woods?
I actually just mentioned the animals before I read your comment. I know about tool building in animals, I said that in reference to us building cities with electricity, governments, laws, etc.
I meant unnatural as in, like Ed said, unable to carry on lineage. It's just unnatural in that it restricts them. They cannot reproduce without IVF or adoption, etc. If there's a gay gene, then homosexuality is brought about by the genetics being in an abnormal place, causing the gay gene. People with down syndrome have it because of an unnatural amount of chromosomes. People with that two-different-coloured-eyes-thing have it because of their eyes developing in an unnatural way. People with congenital heart disease have it because their hearts developed an unnatural way. It doesn't make anyone bad. Evolution (referring here to the fact this is a forum for atheism) is centered around unnatural genes. It doesn't make people abominations simply because of it.
Good idea about the 'unnatural genes'. Unfortunately, the term 'unnatural' has been so abused that it became so offensive when referring to gays.
Thank you! I always end up digging myself a hole when trying to explain what I mean when someone takes it the wrong way, so I'm glad you popped up and said that.
I guess you could. I've heard stuff about a "gay gene." I don't really know much about it, but if people are biologically born gay (and thus unable to reproduce naturally) then it could be considered an anomaly, albeit a common one.
I know of there being homosexual animals, mainly the two gay penguins that raised an adopted baby together (and got turned into a kid's book about accepting differences), but these are a lot less common than homosexual humans. I'm guessing this might be because humans have other means of reproduction (like adoption and IVF) so homosexuality is not a hindrance, whereas in animals they would not have been able to carry on any lines.


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