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Can anyone eplain Ezekiel 23:20 ? I need to explain it to my child?

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The verse is in this bible link,

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um, no answers from christians...

It simply means that men wrote the bible not God.
Why would a God, who is supposed to be holy by nature, inspire men to write such sickness?
The bible is full of pornography, violence, rapes, murders, it should be xxx rated.

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Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the bible is filled, it would seem more consistent that we called it the word of a demon than the Word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind.
Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)

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"There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses."

Seems like my two neighbors have the same affliction from listening to their late night conversations
Guess things never change....
This reads like fan-fic for furries.

I know this is a very old post, but that particular verse is literally saying that she thought they were hung like horses. Care to explain why you would be reading something like this to a child?

A weird verse to resurrect from so many years ago.

The actual full passage is talking about a pair of sisters who were prostitutes, whose lust resulted in their personal downfall and the downfall of their society. 

Call it an adult-rated morality play.

Not something I would read to kids.  There are childrens' bibles with excerpts of various kid-friendly passages in easier language out there.  I'd recommend those.

Call it an adult-rated morality play.

I call it fundamentalist porn. What else can you really say about it? It's way too explicit to be used for anything but a loophole for masturbation.

excerpts of various kid-friendly passages in easier language

I'd call that picking and choosing... why bother?

We always pick and choose for children.  We pick and choose movies, we pick and choose what goes in textbooks and school curriculum for different ages, etc. 

It's called being mindful of what is developmentally appropriate.

RE: "we pick and choose what goes in textbooks and school curriculum" - yeah, especially in Texas, which decided what will be in the majority of American testbooks for the next ten years. They've eliminated as much as they could of the atheistic Founding Fathers, and emphasized the religious ones, and filled those books with as much theistic propaganda as they could get away with.

Personally, I say let the little tykes watch porn openly, instead of sneaking around behind our backs and doing it.

Don't get me started on the U.S. textbook system, particularly for K-12.  You are quite correct about the absurd influence of Texas and California.

This is the problem with government monopoly education systems like the public K-12 system in the U.S.  It puts control of the education of 90% of our future citizens in the hands of a few elected bozos.

Put me down as being in favor of academic freedom.

Pick & choose, ah yes, let's make sure we keep our agenda pointed righteously.  

And the pathetic part of it is, Ed - and Texas knows this to be true - that because Texas orders more school books than any other single state, most publishers use the Texas version to send to other states as well, it saves on printing costs, and another revision won't come down the pike for another ten years, so there's an entire generation of kids that will be taught American History, Texas style.

California and one other state (the name of which escapes me) decided to order their own versions, which likely will cost more, as they would have to be printed separately.

I can explain it, at least better than our resident theist, above, seems to have done, but I've no idea how to break it down to a child, or even why a child would have an interest in the first place.

After the Israelites left Egypt - though not likely under the guidance of Moses, as there's no evidence he ever existed, nor any that the Israelis wandered around on the Arabian Peninsula for 40 years (ever notice how popular the number 40 is, in the Bible?) without leaving even a trace of their passage - they divided, some went north, and established a kingdom they called, "Israel" in Shechem, while the rest settled in Jerusalem and the surrounding territory, and called it the Kingdom of Judea.

For a few hundred years, the Assyrians tried to conquer the entire Levant (pretty much the entire coastal area, back to the mountains that divide Palestine from Mesopotamia), and for that many years, the citizens of Israel, being much closer to Assyria, kissed a lot of Assyrian ass, paying tribute to them and adopting many of their practices, which included their gods (they also borrowed gods from their neighbors to their north, the Canaanites). Finally, in the 700's BC, they fell short on their "protection" payments (where do you think the Maffia got the idea?), so the Assyrians decided to make an example of them, and destroyed their kingdom, pillaged, raped, burned, tore down walls and buildings stone-by-stone, spat on the sidewalk, openly littered, and otherwise generally made nuisances of themselves. Some Jews took their written history and mythology and ran south, to the protection of the Kingdom of Judea, and that's how the Yahwist version of the Hebrews became combined with the Elohist version, and part of why there are so many contradictions in the Bible, as you are reading two separate histories (and mythologies). The ten tribes that were the Kingdom of Israel, dispersed to the four winds, never to be heard from as a people again, unless you believe Joseph Smith, who said an angel told him the Israelis took a Carnival Cruise to America.

The Judeans were too strong - at least at that time - for the Assyrians to conquer, and in fact, as long as they kept paying their tribute, there was really no need. The Judeans, located between Egypt and Assyria, traded with both nations, and consequently, there was much cross-cultural exchanges of ideas, which included religious beliefs.

Basically, Zeke is calling Judea and Israel (which, after the Assyrian conquest, became known as Samaria), whores, because of all of the pandering they did in an effort not to get slaughtered by the Assyrians, and in order to continue to maintain good trade relations with their stronger neighbors.

Now maybe Zeke felt they should have had faith that their god would protect them, but then, I would have to ask Zeke why churches have lightening rods and fire insurance.

See? Your child wouldn't be interested - I nearly fell asleep myself, just telling it to you.


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