walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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Yes, we know... It's one of the many reasons we discount Islam from being true.


You are under 24 years old, a doctor, and are unaware of the overwhelming evidence for evolution?  I find that, well, doubtful.  Did you mean you are an 'actor'?

Let's just cover all the bases:

We sooooo need a [like] button on these forums.

Hells yes.

have you read the evolution theories ? most of them have been proven wrong for the past decade and the darwin theory of evolution lack a propper explanation to the begining of it all ,, what was the first creature in the chain of evolution ?? what ever your answer is where did it come from?


Name for me 5 major tenets of evolution that have been 'proven wrong'.  I will expect peer reviewed articles as support of that proof - not superstitious ramblings of some blogger.  If you cannot provide these, then you are a liar, as all theists are when it comes to defending their faith.

Evolution and abiogenesis are different theories.  Evolution is a model of speciation - not life genesis.  I thought you were a doctor?  I guess that maybe you really are an octor.  If you want to discuss abiogenesis then we can discuss that but only after you prove to me that you understand the difference between abiogenesis and evolution.

 1st sparing you the details you know it's called the theory of evolution not the fact of evolution

2nd when it comes to abiogenesis we studied it as a theory proven wrong by louis pasteur and then darwin dealt with it as a fact of his own mind that carbon and nitrogen n other compenets together formed the first life existed but he never explaine why it cant be done today

and if you believe in abiogenesis get me only one proof that it has been done by a human

RE: "if you believe in abiogenesis get me only one proof that it has been done by a human"

Why is that so important to you? Nature, and the accompanying laws of physics cause many naturally-occurring things that man can't duplicate, but what does that prove? Hint: what do you think the "a" in "abiogenesis" means? The same thing it means in a-theist --


You need to learn to really refine your English so you can understand the different meanings of the word 'theory'.  For instance, 'music theory' doesn't leave any room whatsoever for doubt that music has, in fact, occurred - it is a term used to describe how music is modeled empirically.

Secondly, you've offered me no proofs that evolution is false - so I accept your acknowledgement that you are a liar.

Thirdly, Darwin never made any attempt to explain abiogenesis - but since you are a confessed liar I suppose you already knew that when you typed those words.

Finally, if you will only believe in things that have been replicated by human beings, then give me only one proof of a man-made Allah.

It looks like I need to repeat my post of 13 hours ago, which proves you aren't paying attention:

"Read Richard Dawkins' book, The Ancestor's Tale, it will answer your question better than any of us can. When you've finished, get back to us and let us know what you've learned. Off you go now --"


 1st sparing you the details you know it's called the theory of evolution not the fact of evolution

And that one sentence shows that you are not a doctor, nor an "octor," nor that you have put any extensive time into studying evolution, nor that you know what "theory" means in science.


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