walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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RE: "Heather, why dont you send us which better writings better than the Quran have been made."

Anything by Emily Dickenson.


One of my favorite books, and it contains no errors, is Les Aventures d'Alice au pays des merveilles.  It is a very uplifting book, doesn't tell me to kill anyone, and isn't about a false prophet who was an idiot for letting a woman, whose family he had killed, poison him with mutton.

I must admit that it was very clever of whoever wrote the Quran to state that Muhammad was the last prophet, that way, no one else can come down the pike and refute anything Muhammad said. Even Jesus didn't think of that one --

Well played!

doubtful. You keep asking "where did that come from where did this come from." Are you really that dense? Each time a member says 10 you say where did 10 come from? Well 9. Where did 9 come from? Well 8! And so on and so on. Is your brain stuck in an infinite loop or something? Your point and belief is that we all came from god. Well where did god come from doubtful? Tell me where god came from. Who's god's god? Who's god's god's god? Who's god's god's god's god?

KM you're the kind of naive theist sheep that'll believe the first nonsense that someone tells you. Sadly this first nonsense that anyone ever told you was the bullshit islam story your parents told you.

I know we wont get anywhere with logic, since you guys have a severely developed gag reflex to logic. But answer me this please, both of you.

What is your opinion on muhammad marrying a 9 year old girl?

THIS IS ACCEPTED BY ISLAMIC SCHOLARS AND HISTORIANS. HE HAD A 9 YEAR OLD WIFE. It is part of his history and life, as documented as his own life was. So don't even try to deny it.

Now that we got that part out of the way....

muhammad was not only a common pedophile, but he was a full on child predator, seeing that as soon as they married he must have raped her. No it was not "consensual marital sex". He was a gross old pervert, and she was a little child who was just handed over to him.

Now I know that in your parts of the woods this is not the case, but society has evolved. In the civilized corners of the planet (read any secular country), muhammad would face prison time for trying to marry and solicit sexual acts from a minor. It doesn't matter whether or not she was coerced into it. By law she would be considered a child, and a child can not legally consent to such acts. Therefore, no matter how much she wanted or not, it IS considered rape.

Do you know what they do to child molesters in prison doubtful? If they are lucky, they get into a good calm prison, or they can demand PC (protective custody). But in some cases, they get shanked by the other inmates. Because as it turns out people like kiddy fiddlers, rapists and wife killers are the scum of the prison hierarchy. He would be stabbed on the yard as he was raising his butt in the air for his prayers (something that might make him famous in the showers btw).

That would be the end of your prophet, if all of that happened today. Muhammad would lie on the floor with stabwounds in his gut. I'll repeat that. Even people like killers, kidnappers and drug lords look down on someone like muhammad, a person who chose to molest a little girl.

Now you're going to say, it was different back then. Yes, the way society saw things were different. But the act remains the same. He wanted to have sex with a child. Someone who was sexually attracted to children back then would still be if he were alive today. If he were still alive, he would still get a hardon everytime he rode past a kindergarden on his camel. Now let's say we invented a time machine (emphasis on "we," as you guys couldn't invent anything but new ways to kill someone). Now lets just say, for the sake of argument, that pedophiles were allowed to travel back in time to have sex with children. Some sick 60 year old perv thinks to himself I wanna f**** a 6 year old today, I'll go visit my old pal muhammad, when it was ok to do that kind of stuff. So basically it would be just a new form of sex tourism.

Would that be ok? Or would it be sick? He IS traveling back in time when it was OK. So why shouldn't it be ok, right?

With all that in mind, please tell us how you feel about praying to a god who chose a sexual predator to be his prophet.

Is your brain stuck in an infinite loop or something?

Maybe that's why indoctrination is so effective? It causes an infinite loop in the brains!



Actually he married her at age 6, but waited until she was 9 before consummating the marriage. You point here is still valid though.

Oh I'm aware she was actually 6, but muslims like to try and weasel their way out of that one by saying she was kept at her parents house until 9 and then given to him (as if that were better)

your logic is wrong: if you are to judge GODs acts then dont worship him at all , you choose and worship a GOD who is so mighty that he can do anything regardless of your opinion , he does anything he likes and is not to be asked why . GODs acts dont have rights or wrongs because he is not questioned  by anyone. you think of GOD as a friend , you choose friends but  GOD is not  a choice you make , because there is only one 


So that part about Allah being just and merciful and Islam being a religion of peace is just total bullshit then?  You believe in your heart that the invisible spacemonster that you worship is vile, despicable, and filled with hate and actually does reside in the hearts of sickos like the ones that flew those jets on 9/11 - but he's the only Allah you got so you gladly offer your anus for him to fuck if that is what he wants?

And that reveals the dictator like power that muhammad had. Posing "allah" as an unquestionable force.

Oh, muhammad wants to fuck a child? Well, nothing we can do about that, it's god's will whether we like it or not.

You really don't see how it's just an airtight plot to get away with the most ridiculous crimes and atrocities without being questioned by you sheeps at all, do you?

"You don't judge, u don't question, u don't doubt"

 the typical brain washed Muslim

RE: "the dictator like power that muhammad had. Posing "allah" as an unquestionable force." & "an airtight plot"

The final hermetic seal was Muhammad's statement that he, by his god's word, was the last prophet - that way, no one could come along later and contradict anything he had said. Quite clever, actually.

E: "if you are to judge GODs acts then dont worship him at all"

OK --

RE: "a GOD who is so mighty that he can do anything regardless of your opinion"

Except exist - he hasn't seemed to figure out how to do that one yet.


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