walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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god created humans then he presented the gift of choice for all kinds of creatures all refused to take it only humans wanted it and for that (curse or gift) god gave us the oppurtunity to either go to hell or go to heaven we have the choice so we are the ones that wanted to be here in the first place

Seriously @doubtful, you wanted to be here! So you were consulted or didn't you just find yourself here! Why couldn't your god give us options to chose from, maybe Mercury is a cool place or Jupiter is beautiful, why just here eh? Or your god wasn't aware that Mars existed since he doesn't mention any other planets in his good books that you taunt here!

Where do you get the absurd story that he gave all animals a choice and only human took it? I would want to read it as well, maybe it's good humor after a busy day!

So you're saying this god of yours offered lions, tigers and bears the opportunity to choose lifestyles, and they all said, "Naah, I'll pass --" Does that even sound sane to you?!

You know, choice isn't really a gift if we can't actually do what we want with it. Free will is useless if, when we use it, we're punished. It's more of a burden. It induces fear and anxiety. We have to agonize over what the "right" thing to do in any given circumstance because "God" will punish us for being wrong. Wow yay thanks!! O_o

So yes, it is a curse. "God" cursed mankind. He created us imperfectly and expected us to be perfect, then condemned us to Hell for failing at what we were never equipped to do. "He" set us up for failure. If we are "creations", we have no control over our design flaws. This almighty being has shirked his own responsibility. It's kind of disgusting.

Yes, and whats even worse, we keep doing it to each other! Whats up with that?

What a prick, no one ever asked me!

Gods and the religious.

Yeah, I wondered about that, but I figured we're all adults, we can take it!

Interesting fact - when you try replying to a deleted comment, your own comment gets kicked down here - hm --

It has nothing to do with the comment being deleted as it is actually just an edit.  This is where your comment would normally fall.  If the comment was fully deleted, it would not display at all.

We need a 'Special' site location for such postings. You just never know what utility could be extracted from these. Anyway, during the course of human affairs, when the weather is dull, and the nights long, where are you going to go for enlightenment, humor(a monitor covered with ballistic spittle), and a case of rising bile? 

1. I take the evolutionary theory to be true. 

2. It's possible they once existed, but I think it's more likely they were made up as a sort of bedtime story, a way to answer children when they asked what happened when they died. From there, the stories got more and more ludicrous, until we have the modern Bible, Koran, Torrah, etc. 

3. Why not? Why shouldn't we be on Earth? We are already here, what's done is done. I personally don't much care why I'm here. I just want to live the best life I can, the life that makes me happy. Hopefully, in my own quest for happiness, I can bring joy to others. That's my purpose in life. Being happy. 

1- As others have said, evolutionary biology has this one pretty much wrapped up, IMO.  I am at complete peace with this explanation of how humans appeared.  

2.  Truly, it doesn't matter to me whether or not any of them existed or not.  I see no evidence that any of them have any kind of influence in the world today, except for the damage caused by their followers.  

3.  We are here because we evolved here, because the conditions were right for life to start and to diversify in the first place.  

And furthermore, I can call myself an atheist whether or not I have read anybody's religious texts.  I did read some of the Q'uran, and it was even more disturbing than the Bible.  I cannot imagine what my brain and psyche could have done that was so horrible to deserve to have such nastiness thrust upon it.  If I had a gun to my head I expect I'd read it and say what the gun-wielder wanted me to say but I still wouldn't believe it.  

The U.S. has its faults, to be sure, but I am still free to say I don't and won't believe in your god or prophets.  I wish you much peace and happiness in your beliefs, though.  


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