walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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you are dealing with qura'n as if it's a newspaper it's abook that must be read from cover to cover then you can judge it and say: yes i believe in this or no i can't belive in this

Sorry. You don't get to decide the rules I follow for deciding when something is nonsense. I just need to find one moral absurdity... a single scientific falsehood... or anything along these lines to know a book that claims to come from a god/prophet(s) is false.

and by the way god is not any thing that you just said if you read the qur'an you 'll understand who is god and why were we created and if you didn't then only then you can call yorself an atheist

Sorry, but you don't get to define atheism. In addition, when I read very plain passages from an English quran, or hear/read some Saudi Arabian priest or believer discussing their own religion, what the quran says, etc., I'm going to believe that is what the quran teaches rather than believe some guy on an internet forum telling me that I just don't understand.


It appears we are speaking a different language, hence I'm done following this topic.

A "purpose" implies a consciousness that has some goal.

A "hidden purpose" necessarily implies a hidden consciousness, not our own.

Purpose of life, that's easy, work, play, love, why does it need to be so complicated?

Why would I be concerned with a "hidden" purpose. If it's hidden, how would I even know it exists or that it could ever be found, and if I did think I found it how could I be sure I found all that was hidden? I'll concern myself with the realities of life.

Do you ever ponder why so many people have the NEED to feel so damn special about themselves, especially those will a religious mindset. We are simply evolved biological animals, like everything else on the planet, we just happen to smarter than the others, or at least some are anyway.

by hidden i meant from an atheist point of view not a religous man's point of view

alright let's say that the purpose of life is work and play and love why work then let's just play and love and another question what does happen after we die ,, is that it yu 're sayin ?? so i can kill whoever i want whenever i want and if i get away with it in life then i'm just as the other guy who prayed and helped others and spent his money on the poor??

I never understand this line of logic.  You speak as though there are no consequences for our actions here, now, in this moment.  I would not get to play and love in the way that I do, if I did not also work and make money.  That aside, I get a sense of pride from my work because those around me value what I do.  There is life after death, but not my own.  There's the life of those who will outlive me.  In my society, I trust that most people who kill whoever, whenever are found and locked away.  Wishing that there's some sort of justice in death for those who get away with crimes might feel good, but life is not a storybook.


so i can kill whoever i want whenever i want and if i get away with it in life then i'm just as the other guy who prayed and helped others and spent his money on the poor??

Yes. Some people get away with doing bad things. There is no almighty grownup supervisor daddy figure that will put the bad kids into the metaphorical corner of the universe for a time out, OR pat you on your head for a job well done. Grow up.

That's really one of the major reasons you people believe in all that nonsense. You want to be assured that your praying and spending money on the poor was not done in vain. You want there to be a "heaven" so you can get your reward like a dog who jumped through hoops, waiting for his treat and a pat. You don't give a shit about helping poor people. You just want to be seen doing it, seen by "god," so you can be rewarded. This shows your self-serving egoistic side.

And about the punishment.. you can't fathom the fact that others would get away with doing things you don't like. So you want to tell yourself that the bad bully guys who didn't enslave themselves to your god WILL get their punishment, no matter what. They cannot live free! They cannot have fun while you're praying and inconveniencing yourself! They will surely suffer. Either they will suffer, or they will submit to your religion and be held to the same standards as you are. So it's either endless pain or slavery to your god. This shows your petty sadistic side.

“why work then let's just play and love”

Well I don’t know about you but I HAVE TO work to support myself and my family, I find it somewhat strange that you couldn’t answer that for yourself.

“another question what does happen after we die” 

After we die our consciousness is snuffed out and our bodies decompose and you end up where you were before you were born, nonexistent.  It happens to every other living thing on the planet, why would you think it wouldn’t happen to you, because a book tells you differently?  Because you have an emotional need to believe otherwise?  Must you escape reality to live your life happily, productively?

“so i can kill whoever i want whenever i want and if i get away with it in life then I’m just as the other guy who prayed and helped others and spent his money on the poor??”

Yes, now you are catching on, there are no afterlife punishments for murderers or any other crime (unfortunately) and that is a reality of which so many have a hard time coming to grips with, for life nor death are anything but fair, sad but true.

I often see that kind of question coming from a person with a religious mindset, and I actually find it kind of frightening. It’s as if though their thinking has become so deluded that they can no longer rationalize some of the most basic principles, and I have to wonder, what kind of person would you be if you didn’t believe in an invisible magic man in the sky? A killer, a rapist, just because you can without going to hell, how F@#%ed up it that? Do you really think the human race would have survived as long as it has if everyone had that outlook on life? I would lay odds that if you gave up your god today you would most likely still strive to be a good, caring person assuming you are that now.

I believe in no gods, but I also have no desire to kill anyone, on the contrary, I would prefer to help people rather than destroy them.  I do good not for a reward after death but because that is the most peaceful way to coexist with others, and yes, I feel good when I help someone that is on hard times or is suffering, but I expect no reward nor would I except any if it were offered.

I’m not so naive however to think that everyone else feels the same why I do. I’m very aware that there are those that would take my life without thinking twice whether they believed in a god or not.

Good luck on you journey brother.


Homo erectus.

Actually doubtful, there are those who don't accept that as truth - there is in fact a book out, questioning the existence of Muhammad, here's the link:


I have not read the Quran, but I have read the Bible, both old and New Testaments, and find them to be 15% history and 85% bullshit. Since the Quran is based on the Abramic Old Testament, I would have to assume that those same percentages hold true. How can a book, based on lies, be true?

The first male and female human beings didn't just 'appear', they were born.  We didn't become human beings in one generation though, it took literally thousands of generations to differentiate between other primates and the creatures that we could readily identify as humans.

I doubt Moses ever existed, and we certainly see no evidence for the great 'Exodus' from Egypt.  Jesus was most likely a real person in history, and I believe we can be certain that Mohammed existed.

There is no particular reason that we are on earth.  There is no particular purpose for living - it is up to each of us to find meaning in our own lives.

I hope that straightens everything out for you.

so these primates where did they come from??

moses didn't exist then jews around the world are just living a lie and the whole talk about moses in the bible and qura'n is alsso a lie??

you just said two opposites the is no purpose but yet we have to find ameaning !!


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