walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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your logic is wrong: if you are to judge GODs acts then dont worship him at all , you choose and worship a GOD who is so mighty that he can do anything regardless of your opinion , he does anything he likes and is not to be asked why . GODs acts dont have rights or wrongs because he is not questioned  by anyone. you think of GOD as a friend , you choose friends but  GOD is not  a choice you make , because there is only one 


So that part about Allah being just and merciful and Islam being a religion of peace is just total bullshit then?  You believe in your heart that the invisible spacemonster that you worship is vile, despicable, and filled with hate and actually does reside in the hearts of sickos like the ones that flew those jets on 9/11 - but he's the only Allah you got so you gladly offer your anus for him to fuck if that is what he wants?

And that reveals the dictator like power that muhammad had. Posing "allah" as an unquestionable force.

Oh, muhammad wants to fuck a child? Well, nothing we can do about that, it's god's will whether we like it or not.

You really don't see how it's just an airtight plot to get away with the most ridiculous crimes and atrocities without being questioned by you sheeps at all, do you?

"You don't judge, u don't question, u don't doubt"

 the typical brain washed Muslim

RE: "the dictator like power that muhammad had. Posing "allah" as an unquestionable force." & "an airtight plot"

The final hermetic seal was Muhammad's statement that he, by his god's word, was the last prophet - that way, no one could come along later and contradict anything he had said. Quite clever, actually.

E: "if you are to judge GODs acts then dont worship him at all"

OK --

RE: "a GOD who is so mighty that he can do anything regardless of your opinion"

Except exist - he hasn't seemed to figure out how to do that one yet.

Is it that all of you theists coming here asking for scientific answers can't figure out how to find them on your own and learn something new without having to be prompted to do so?

Step 1: Type into your browser bar the following web address... www.google.com

Step 2: In the text box under the word "Google" type something like... let's just go with "scientific origin of life"

Step 3: Click on the little button that says Google Search.

Step 4: wait for next page to load.

Step 5: Start clicking on links and learning.

Step 6: Take key words and phrases like "Abiogenesis," "Miller-Urey Experiment," and "RNA World Hypothesis," and then repeat steps 1-5 until your thirst for knowledge is sated. Or search on Amazon.com for books!

Now, if there is a reason that you simply cannot enact these steps, then I suppose a crash course in biology is in order.


1. - Trick question.  There were no first male and female human beings.  They evolved, so the change would be too gradual and spread out over too many individuals to actually pick some arbitrary point where  the next generation became "human beings".


Moses - possibly based on a real person, possibly based on an Egyptian, almost certainly didn't live at the time depicted in the scriptures and almost certainly the man depicted in the scriptures was nothing like the original "Moses"..  

Jesus - Possibly based on a real person but no concrete evidence.  May have been based on a person who lived long before the New Testament claims or could be the adaptation of an older myth. 

Mohammed - A real historical Fihr or Quarish tribesman, with a penchant for very young girls and a 9 yr old "wife", who started a very successful religion of his own.

3.  There is no purpose, you exist for a short while so make the most of it.

Nicely put.

by the same logic u used i can ask u: "how did "God" appear?"

i don't know why u r asking the second question as their existence or not doesn't mean that "God" exist.

about the purpose of life, i find any answer to be logic and makes more sense to me than the phrase (we were created to worship "God") .. u can say the same to the universe .. what's the purpose of the millions of stars and galaxies out there? what is the answer to life, universe and everything?

such questions are not answered in the Quran only adressing them in a very childish way .

i guess ur argument here is invalid

such questions are very answered in the Quran . the whole universe is done to demonstrate the skill and capabilities /power/greatness .etc of the GOD you should worship.

how come you worship or enjoy worshiping a GOD you dont know how great he is , by demonstrating how great he is you are more likely to like to worship/obey/love him 

the answer to the universe and everything :  is for GOD to show you how he can reward you if you obey him OR punish you if you disobey him, you are in a test until you die and your life is essential for you to complete your test, you have no other choice but to be born,live,die and be judged , its GODs will.  

the question of how did god appear doesnt make sense because he is not created , the human mind is simply not equipped to understand this . GOD is beyond our human brains and eyes this is why he is GOD and we are his, and so is all the universe 

Careful, no proselytizing. Consider yourself officially warned, KM. You're right on the line. Your name alone says you're not here for discussion but to convert people to your way of thinking. This isn't tolerated.


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