walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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The honest answer? We don't know.

Kris has pretty much hit all three nails on the head, imo.


1-where did the archaic homo sepians came from ??

2-Zeitgeist when they talked about islam they took an exteremist "osama bin laden" and dealt with him as an islamic figure so this wouldn't be actually a reliable source of information but actually the presence of qur'an that was written while mohammed _peace be upon him_ was alive and the actual presece of mohammed is not an area of debate because every thing he said or even did was passed on from generation to generation and written right after his death so if you can argue about him the only argument will be if he was actually sent from god ?? and that is exactly what people of mekka said to him when he was sent they didn't believe that he was sent from god so in the qur'an god asked them ""and remeber qur'an is the only holy book that was never messed with "" god asked them and they did speak arabic "the language of the qura'n" he asked them to say one verse that is like the qur'an just one and these guys back then wrote like a thousand line poems so they couldn't bring even one verse like it

3- that is the most important question and yet it's not answered so how can you be sure of your point of view towards the world if you know that there is no purpose or a hidden purpose that you're yet to find

at last have any one here went through the whole three holy books and read all of them before he decided to be an atheist because if you didn't that would be like me coming out and sayin i don't believe in physics even before i study it

presece of mohammed is not an area of debate because every thing he said or even did was passed on from generation to generation and written right after his death

Yes a verbal biography passed from generation to generation is surely reliable.

Oh by the way, you forgot to add "_peace be upon him_" after using his name here. SHAME ON YOU!

at last have any one here went through the whole three holy books and read all of them before he decided to be an atheist because if you didn't that would be like me coming out and sayin i don't believe in physics even before i study it

Have you ever read any other book than your own holy book? Because if you haven't that's like me saying I believe in harry potter because it's the only book I ever read and my parents forced it on me since childhood.

the biography was written, checked and re-checked hundreds of times so you can't debate the presence of some one that actually was here on earth that actually people talked about wrote about him wrote things that he's done so if you are doubting his presence i sure can doubt the presence of your great grandfather

yes i've read the bible but no i didn't read the old testament and still i found way too many things that are inconsistent with each other , so i know when i'v read qura'n when i tried to find mistakes that there's not any and no human being can ever be mistakless (n.b the bible has been messed with it's content for years and years) but please if you are actually thinking you are an atheist you have to first read the three holy books and then make your dicision

1. There's supposedly a ton of recorded and reviewed evidence for bigfoot and nessie too.

2. I can certainly see that you are not "mistakeless." But answer this: if all humans make mistakes, then how do you know you didn't make a mistake when you didn't find any mistakes in the Koran?

3. What's with the double standard? This one pisses me really off about you theists coming here and I'm tried of it. Why do we atheists have to read your trifecta of BS - your three holy books - but you theists never bother to do your own reading? Why don't you read a book about evolution, science or philosophy before coming here and raising questions? Why do people like you come here and just start asking inane questions about what purpose atheists find in life? Why do atheists have morals or ethics etc? Where did the first humans come from? Why do atheists believe in this or that? Why don't you people do your reading first? There are literally hundreds of books on these and many more subjects. Pick one and read itinstead of annoying us with questions that have been answered a billion times before. You people come here and act like you just came up with these questions for the first time ever and caught us flatfooted or something. Oooh purpose of life? Oh noo. You got me, I'm an atheist, I've never thought about that before! Please enlighten us about how Islam gives us meaning.

I refuse to read your books until you do your own reading.

4. This is just a subpoint, as it's related to 3. If someone has to read all religious text in order to be qualified to either pick one, or none at all - then I assume you have read the thousands of religious texts of all religions concurrent and passed? Have you educated yourself about scientology? Maybe that's the true religion. Have you spend time studying satanism? Maybe devil worship is the right path for you. How about praying to the sun? Did you do your research on the ancient Egyptians? How do you know you're not supposed to bow down to zeus or odin? Have you read about them? If you answered no to any of these questions, you cannot be a Muslim, sorry, you have to read those texts first.

Re #3:  And by the way: In point of fact many of us HAVE read your books.

I can't speak for those, like kOrsan, who live in predominantly Muslim areas, but:

Most people here come from societies where Christianity is the dominant religion and quite a number of us have indeed read the bible; a lot of us will credit that with turning us into atheists in the first place.  (I personally was raised without religion but I have read the bible.  What a disordered mess of miscellany!)

Now all that having been said; I agree with kOrsan's complaint about double standard.  If one of us were to go to an Islamic site and start asking ignorant questions, THEN you would be justified in demanding that I read your book.  As it turns out though, you have come here.  Do some homework.  Ask for pointers and you will get a lot of reading suggestions.

just to be clear i'm a octor so please spare me the reading i'v done it more than you can imagine

and only one verse in the qur'an ended it for me

"Then We developed the seed into a clot. Then We developed the clot into a lump. Then We developed the lump into bones. Then We clothed the bones with flesh. Then We produced it into another creature. Most Blessed is God, the Best of Creators."

this is proved scientifically yet it's written in qura'n since 1400 years so please go do the reading i'm not the one who rejects science you are the one who is thinking science is a diffrent thing than religion

do you know that this is talking about the fetal life inside the uterus ??

Yes, we know... It's one of the many reasons we discount Islam from being true.


You are under 24 years old, a doctor, and are unaware of the overwhelming evidence for evolution?  I find that, well, doubtful.  Did you mean you are an 'actor'?

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