walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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Of course everyone knows it, I just can't understand how people will still believe in this religion when they get so blatant about it. They're not even using a euphemism. It's straight out "you're a slave".

It's only natural that you and I could never understand that degree of submission - even the ancestors of Americans refused to submit in England, which is why they came to the New World.

But these people have lived with this belief for nearly a millennium and a half in an unbroken line of parents telling their children that this is the only way to live. Most of them know no other life. Even if they risked being disowned by their families, and avoided being killed or otherwise punished for being an apostate, for choosing not to believe in Islam, they still face their own fears, "What if I'm wrong? What if Allah is real?"

It's much like the Christian Church was around 1400 - people like you and I today, can't even fathom it.

True, you're right about the generations and generations of indoctrination. There is no way we could understand someone who willingly accepts being a prisoner.Those aren't even my words.

I have to say I'm jealous. Muhammad was one hell of a conman..

lol dont watch to be Muslim just watch to know about the Muslims, if u dont want to know it is ok mate :) do not watch

The answer to number 3 is different for each person. The meaning and purpose of a murderers life is different then that of a doctor. We decide what our lives mean through our actions.

Actually, Muslims have contributed great things to the world. During the Middle Ages, better known as the Dark Ages of Europe, followers of Islam kept the knowledge and science, begun by the ancient Greeks, alive, and it was exactly that inheritance that enabled Europe to emerge from those Dark Ages, into the Age of Enlightenment that produced Newton, Kepler and Brae.

In those days, followers of Islam were tolerant of all other religions, and despite what we think of as Jewish-Islamic relations now, when Muslims controlled Southern Spain, as they did for 800 years (in the young country of America, most of us can't even fathom such a time period), the Jewish population of Spain enjoyed all of the rights and freedoms of anyone else. However, when the Muslims were finally driven out of Spain, the Spanish Jews were forced to choose between conversion to Christianity or deportation from the country that had been homeland to them and their ancestors for a millennium. The only way any of us can imagine such an atrocity, would be if the US were conquered by Muslims, and we were all told we must convert to Islam or be deported - to where? This is our home! (At least mine, anyway).

In those days, before power struggles began within the world Islamic community, even Sunni and Shiite Muslims had no conflict. Early into the 1500's however, Shah Ismail, founder of the Safavid Dynasty in Azerbaijan, determined to wipe out Sunnism and force Shiah on his subjects. Similarly, the Sunnis in the Ottoman Empire, based in Turkey, suppressed the Shiah within their territories, and as they say, it was on.

To be fair it wasn't solely the muslims who contributed something in those times, people of all faiths did - the muslims just tolerated it.

What lies in the past hardly matters though. What matters is the current condition. What are they doing now? Nothing. Though "nothing" is putting it generously, as their current efforts seem to suggest that they're actually trying to tear down knowledge that's already there.

The best they can do now is to point desperately at totally vague verses in the koran, which are hinting at elementary school physics knowledge at best, and say

Look! The koran is filled with miraculous scientific knowledge!

You have no idea how often they use that shit, it drives me mad.

And every time science advances with something new, they come crawling out of their holes once again claiming it was written in the koran all along! Other religions do that shit too, and I want to be fair - but I honestly believe muslims take the bullshit cake. Maybe christians are worse, I don't know.

But every time they do that, I just think "doesn't that prove their book is just superfluous?"
 We seem to reach the (supposedly) same conclusions about our world without their book at all, all by ourselves. Why not just apply the same approach to our lives and morals instead of looking in the book for guidance? And again, I'm always just baffled they don't see it that way. To them now, science is a waste of time. All kinds of philosophy, science, literature... all just a waste of time. We should all just stop and turn to the koran and the hadiths for our knowledge.

How sad is it when they once actually did contribute real scientific knowledge, and now their worlds are limited to a single book and the ramblings of an old man, whose brilliant scientific conclusions include dipping a fly in your drink because it's healthy. (If choose to follow the link be prepared to rage, I almost did. Though in hindsight it's hilarious.)

You let that go by WAY too easily!

Hey guys, which of you believes they can defend this?


The Prophet said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease."

Where's the "octor," he should have a sound edical explanation for this --

This IS the same prophet we're supposed to listen to, right?

@Hesham - Regarding the article you asked me to read --

#1 "the larvae (maggots) all showed antibacterial properties (except that of the Queensland fruit fly control).
"As did all the adult fly species, including the Queensland fruit fly" - No mention of what antibacterial properties were present, or what, if anything, they might cure, and certainly no mention that any were found on the wings, either left or right, and specifically no mention that the disease was located on one wing and the cure on the other.

#2 Maggots, not flies were the subject of this paragraph you specifically highlighted

#3 Male Fruit fly ejaculate was the third topic covered, which I would certainly hope never to find in my Courvoisier.

The article went on to say:

"With regard to worldly matters: this happened to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). With regard to agriculture, medicine, carpentry, etc., he was like all other people. Allaah did not tell us that he was sent to us as a businessman or a farmer or a carpenter or a doctor. His mistakes in these fields are quite natural and do not impact on his Message at all." (emphasis, mine)

"The Prophet did make errors in the past in some scientific fields...." (again, emphasis, mine)

just an advice.. don't use Zaghlool el Nagar articles as a scientific evidence for the koran is right because things like splitting the moon and dipping the fly in milk and all the other stuff he used to write about has been proven to be complete hoax.

he himself stopped using it and every Muslim cleric who respects himself now avoids discussing science when trying to promote islam for fearof being publicly impressed

1. How to know? The first "human" wasn't modern man (homo sapiens) and was most likely hard to distinguish from a bipedal chimp or gorilla. Why? Do you have an answer that will stand up to scientific scrutiny?

2. Perhaps or perhaps not. Does it really matter since there's no way to verify much of what was said about them?

3. Just because you can form a grammatical sentence, that by itself doesn't make the sentence meaningful. We are here. What we make ourselves into reflects our purpose on Earth.


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