walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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 @archaepteryx i edit my reply mate with a video link
and btw i was replying doubtful questions not urs

yours can found in a physics book :)

or u can google it

That's OK, I can do it in my head - just a simple calculation of how many seconds in 365.25 days, times 186,282.3971 mps, or about 5 trillion, 878.5 million miles -  I was just curious --

@Hesham - my mistake, but in all fairness, you weren' exactly clear.

Wouldn't be from Down Under, would you, mate?

Hey mate sorry can u explain the expression down under 
english is my not main language 
sorry for that again

"Down Under" is an expression designating Australia, where the word, "mate" is probably used more often than anywhere else in the world.

i am from Egypt

Hesham - then here is a TA site you might want to visit:

الملحـدين المصـريين - Egyptian Atheists - Think Atheist


Since I've not watched the video, while you were watching did you find an answer of when and how I will die? That really is an important question for me so I could better plan for it.

mate watch this video 
i think u will not lose anything
and u may have some information you didnt

This is just a long ad for islam in the disguise of a documentary.

I stopped watching at 1:15 - when they admitted that islam means SUBMISSION.

Why on earth would any human, with at least some sort of self respect, continue watching after that?

Oh I am slave then? Ok go on sir, where do I sign?

RE: "they admitted that islam means SUBMISSION" - I thought everyone knew that, how can anyone oppose something if they don't first understand what it is they're opposing?


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