walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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Your entire post makes little sense, but the answer at least, is clear - NO GOD!

I am REALLY glad you could join us Marvel - you bring an insight into the Muslim world to this board that we Westerners simply cannot provide. You would be an asset on any board, but especially here. Thanks for coming.

thank u very much .. really appreciate it :D:D

My parents 'created' me, but they do not OWN me! I love my parents, I help my parents. If I were a slave to them, that is normally called 'child abuse'!


RE: "what is the answer to life, universe and everything?" - according to the late, great Douglas Adams, it's "42."

1. There was no "first" human. Read up on evolution, and you can get a much better answer than anyone here could give you in a comment.

2. There is no evidence for Moses, very little for Jesus, and Mohammed. Were there people with said names during that time, quite possibly. Did they wander the desert for 40 years, rise from the dead, and fly off to heaven? No.

3. a. We are on Earth because this planet happens to be suitable for life to evolve the way it did. Beyond that, we don't know why we are here. Does there need to be a reason why?

b. The purpose of living is whatever you want it to be. If you want to be a pessimist about it, the purpose of living is to die. But if you want to be optimistic, it's whatever you want it to be. We hope that what you want is to be a good human being, caring, loving and respectful to the rest of the world, but it's your choice. That is the purpose. To live however you see fit, and accept the consequences of your actions.

Well said, Milos.

you can find all of your questions's answers here :)


Does the Quran tell me how I will know when I've found the religion that is worshiping the right god?


Quran will not tell u 
it is a book :)
if u have a questions u can ask me :)
i will answer if i know and if i dont i will think and come back to u :)

Thanks for ur reply 


So the Quran offers no means by which one might tell which religion follows a real god?

One of my questions, Hersham, is what is the distance, in miles, of a light year - I didn't find it in the video that you assured me would answer all of my questions, can you show me where it can be found in the Quran?



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